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Book Tour: Ready For You


Author Penny Lane decides to team up with fellow author Kain Brooks because she believes the collaboration will bring something refreshing and new to her humdrum life. It is at first, but what she doesn't count on is developing feelings for a man that's hundreds of miles away while continuing to struggle with the death of her fiancĂ©, Zack. 

The newly divorced Kain is excited about the partnership and happily realizes that it may lead to much more than just a book.
However, there is a threat! A stalker's evil intentions are far more serious than either of them can ever imagine-- so serious that they may not make it long enough to discover if their feelings are genuine or just a long-distanced crush.

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“I am going to peek out the window and see if I can see anyone, Tina.”

“No, stay here with me, the guys will be here soon.”
I slip from her grip, only to have her latch on harder. We both rise up and look. About the time we feel like we are just seeing things, a thunderous noise slams against the front door. “Penny, they found us, oh my God. What are we going to do?” I try looking around for something to protect us with only seeing the fireplace tools. I grab what looks like an iron shovel and a poker. Handing one to Tina I keep the other one. Another loud boom comes from the front door, and I am sure we are in trouble. I whisper to Tina we need to run and find somewhere to hide. My heart feels like it is exploding with its rapid beats. Another slam comes to the door with a crack this time. The door is not going to hold too much longer. I can hear the hinges squeaking. Fear shoots through me with a scorching heat. Tina’s hand slaps over her mouth to prevent a scream, though it doesn’t help.
I pull Tina up.
Pound Pound
I scream for Tina to run.
I hear bolts scatter across the floor. We take off running but Tina hits the end table stumbling before she falls. Catching the candle before it falls over, I drag her behind the sofa trying to hide us both.
I can only see a shadow of a dark figure as his boots shuffle across the entryway of the door.
“We’re trapped, Tina.” I whisper. Her only response is a whimper. By now I am shaking uncontrollably. “Tina?” We need to fight him. “Okay.” I mouth to her to go around and come up behind him, while I jump him from the front. She nods in agreement. I hold my fingers up raising my fingers. One. Two. Three, and motion for her to go. I jump up facing a six-foot muscular stranger wearing a dark shirt and a mask that covers his whole face, except for his eyes and mouth. I start swinging my iron shovel.

Review Rating: 4 LIGHTNING BOLTS

Review: Ready For You is a sweet story about two people who have known each other for a year online and develop a friendship.  Penny and Kain are both successful writers, and something changes between them....they find that they are very drawn to the other..

This story is different than a lot of romances, as they don't physically meet until WAY later in the book. They have email conversations, textx, and Skype, or some kind of chat with web cams. Both have had pain in their pasts that they are trying to deal with.  I loved the banter between the two. I love their growing relationship, and Kain...oh, some of the sweet things he does! 

There's also a great mystery element to the book, but it's very secondary. We don't get much of it until midway or so through the book as well, and the ending, whoa!  

The story goes from Penny and Kain's point of view, it switches so that we get a great story line from both characters. I had a hard time putting the book down to tend to real life as I was intrigued to know how things were going to go. All in all, this is a very enjoyable read with likable characters that I felt for. Plenty of romance, a dash of mystery, and Ready For You is recommended! 


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About the Authors:

 D. Love
Derinda lives in Maine. Her biggest passion is for her family and friends. She adores loving others as if it is the biggest gift life can offer. She is a read-a-holic, loves chocolate, cowboys and everyone on her Young Adult & Teen Readers Facebook page. Her dream is to travel to Australia one day.
"I am nothing but simple. I do a lot of volunteer work. I have 2 beautiful daughters. 4 grandchildren, that constantly ask me if I lived in the black & white days.
My inspiration would be my daughters. Rita for her strength to keep fighting and constantly try to take care of me. Even though sometimes she can't get out of the bed. Kayla, for helping pick up
all the pieces that seem to fall, when times get rough. And the love they have for me."
Madison Daniel

Music is LIFE and the written word is our SOUL. Music and writing have been my true ambition since I was a child. I have used music in every form possible; writing it, performing it, healing with it, etc. I call it my "life's soundtrack." I have always written in some form; from comic books to screenplays to short stories and now the new series "Ember." I have found a true passion for my stories and characters and am eager to share them with the world. See you on the next book tour...

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