Friday, February 14, 2014

Starting Over

Book Blurb
Bellamy Carmichael’s finally come home after staying away for six years. There’s just one problem, Luke Carter… 
Six years ago she seduced him, but a realization had him turning his back on her and became the cause of her long exodus. But with her brother’s imminent deployment Bellamy knows she’s bound to see him. 
Luke Carter made the mistake of crossing a line he never should’ve crossed six years ago… 
He knows he’s the reason why Bellamy avoids home, and with her coming back home he’s hoping to make things right. He just wasn’t expecting her to look so damn beautiful. 
However, there’s one more problem, Bellamy’s been keeping a secret from Luke for past six years. When passion builds between them she knows that she must tell Luke the truth, but will it bring them closer together? 
Or will it drive them apart for good?
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Guest Blog!

5 unique things about Bellamy Carmichael

1.       Favorite food- Luke’s moms homemade cinnamon rolls
2.       Favorite music- Kesha and Katy Perry are my faves
3.       Favorite drink- Raspberry iced tea or Pinot Grigio
4.       I’ve been dancing since I could walk
5.       I still have the teddy bear that my brothers got for me when I was born
6.       I’ve only been in love with one person, can you guess who that is ;)

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