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Infinite Desire

Title: Infinite Desire
Series: Savannah Series #4
Author: Danielle Jamie
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Age Group: Adult 
Release date~ November 29 2013
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Over the last several months, Savannah's life has been a never-ending roller coaster ride. Every time Savannah sees the light at the end of the tunnel and her world stops spinning, another obstacle is thrown in her path. Kayden had always been her rock, the constant in her life over the most difficult months of her life. A story leaked, making Savannah doubt everything including Kayden's love. Leaving their fate hanging in the balance, she ran. But after learning the truth, Savannah set out to correct her wrongs and win Kayden back. Will Kayden put the past behind them, and focus on the future they could have together? Or will Savannah be heartbroken and all alone again? Savannah thought their love was infinite and indestructible. After everything they've been through, how can they wade through the past and believe in their love? Will Savannah and Kayden get their happily every after, or will the past jeopardize their future? Only a special kind of love can survive the trials and tribulations life tosses in your way. Is Kayden and Savannah's love strong enough to make it through the strongest of storms? Only time will tell.


“You may be blonde Trixie, but you’re far from being that stupid. You’re an evil bitch, who has no fuckin’ life so you get your kicks from making everyone around you miserable! You think Savannah‘s slap hurt, just remember I throw punches bitch, and I don‘t hold back. You even think about causing any more heartache for Savannah and I‘ll beat your ass seven-ways-to-Sunday!”

Clenching my fists I fight the urge to physically remove Trixie from my club. She needs to get the fuck outta here before I lose it. Dixon and Braxton must notice my entire body shaking with fury, because they leap to their feet, quickly trying to get Trixie to go elsewhere. I’m grateful when I spot them dragging her over to one of our bouncers and he escorts her out of the club.

Brooklyn glances at me momentarily over her shoulder, with her eyes scrunched together looking mad as hell before running after Savannah.
Fuck! Now Brooklyn’s pissed at me! So much for a fun relaxing weekend with my boys, this night has turned to shit. Jax had the right idea going straight to gambling.
“I have to go find Savannah, try to sort all this shit out, you guys coming or staying here?” Ranking my fingers through my hair, I look back to where Savannah disappeared to. I don’t see her or Brooklyn anywhere.
“We’ll hang here, have some more drinks. Maybe walk around chat up some people. Go find Savannah.” Braxton tells me clapping me on the back. “If you need us just shoot one of us a text.”
Not wasting any time, I maneuver through the crowed. There are people dancing by the tables making it hard to get through. With alcohol coursing through my veins my head is foggy, and every step I take my entire body feels off balance. I feel like a ping pong ball bouncing off of people as I try to find Savannah.
After what feels like an eternity, I finally spot Savannah and Brooklyn. My heart stops in my chest as my blood boils inside my veins when I see who they’re with. Standing beside Savannah, resting his hand on her fuckin’ arm is Shayne. I immediately see red.
Clenching my hands into fists along my sides, and taking in hard sharp breaths, I make my way towards them. Friend or not, seeing Shayne consoling my girl is too much after knowing he was all over her in LA last night. There’s people screaming and dancing all around me, but all I see is Savannah. My feet freeze in place as her eyes lock onto mine. The hurt I see in them is almost too much, but I’m too far gone to stop the course I’m on.

Taking long strides, I reach Shayne within seconds, with my anger sobering me up quickly. Savannah see’s the all too familiar look in my eye that says I’m ready to throw down. Friends don’t fuck with other friends women, especially one’s they’re engaged to.

Reaching out for me with desperation in her voice Savannah tries to stop me, “Kayden!”

Ignoring her I focus all my attention on Shayne. His lips instantly curl up in a Cheshire grin. “Hey, Knox.” He greets me with his laid back persona but his face shows me the truth. He has to know that I’ve read the bullshit story going around about Savannah and him. I threw this fuckin’ party for him, and he hasn’t even once tried to clear the air with me tonight. He’s shady as fuck, and I want nothing more than to knock that smug smile off of his fuckin’ face.
“Don’t try to act all fuckin’ friendly with me Shayne. I see straight through your bullshit. First you’re all over my girl last night, and now I find you yet again with her?”
Brooklyn and Savannah wanting to stop this before it escalates try to talk me down, but I drown them out. I put all my attention onto the piece of shit in front of me. He may think I’m to chicken shit to fight him because he does MMA, but he’s never been more wrong. I never back down from a fight, and never have I in my entire twenty six years ever lost a fight. I don’t intend on that changing tonight.
“Is there not enough women throwing themselves at you Shayne? You have to try and get with Savannah?” I spit out at him.
He throws his head back letting out a small chuckle. Taking a pull from his beer, Shayne shifts his eyes off of me, and onto Savannah. I immediately notice her become uncomfortable under his gaze, and drop her eyes immediately down to the floor.
Slamming his empty bottle down onto the table beside him, Shayne focus his attention back onto me, “If you want to get all territorial Knox, than I can too. I take it from the way you’re talking; Savannah hasn’t brought you up to speed on all of the men from her past. If she had, I know you sure as hell wouldn’t be throwing me this party tonight, and our friendship would’ve been over the minute you two got together.”
What the fuck is he talking about? Did I drink more than I thought tonight and I’m now hallucinating?

Reaching out to me, Savannah rests her hand on my forearm. I can feel her nerves bubbling over as her handshakes against my skin. The electricity that sparks between us the moment our skin connects is overwhelming. I’ve ached for her touch this entire time we’ve been apart, but now my feelings are all over the place I feel desire engulfed with a roaring fire of anger.

Her voice comes out shaky as she shouts over the music and chatter around us, “Kayden please don’t do this. Come with me please, so we can talk about this privately.”

I shake my head back and forth ever so slowly, as I bring my focus back to Shayne. “I’m not going anywhere. Not until Shayne here has his moment on his soap box. Go on Shayne; please enlighten me on your relationship with my fiancée?” My heart is hammering so forcefully against my chest that it feels like any second it’s going to burst out of my chest.
Leaning against the table and resting his hands on either side of himself Shayne turns to Savannah, “Sorry doll, I won’t let him walk around acting like I’m trying to stick my dick into his chick.”
The posse that’s filling Shayne’s VIP table has now focused their attention onto us and what’s transpiring.
“This is fuckin’ stupid. You two need to stop this pissing contest, and get over your freakin’ selves! You’re friends! Don’t let something so elementary come between you two. Kayden threw you this party for Christ sake!” Brooklyn says stepping between Shayne and me. The determination in her voice causes a knot in my stomach to form.

Raking my fingers through my hair, and letting out a sharp breath, I step around Brooklyn, causing Shayne to bring his attention back to me. Forcing myself between them, I fist his t-shirt causing everyone around us to gasp. Cell phones are turning on all around us as people begin taping our altercation.

“Say what you have to say, my patience is running thin!”

Shayne’s flashes a small smile up at me before reciprocating my actions, and fisting my shirt into his hand as well. “Don’t push me Knox, I never turn down a fight no matter who the fuck it is.”
A raspy chuckle escapes my mouth as Shayne’s words sink in. “I never back down either. I’d hate to beat your ass a week before the big fight, but you keep pushing me and you’ll leave me no other option. So say whatever the fuck you gotta say before I knock your ass out just for the simple fact that you had your mouth on Savannah last night.”
Shoving me off of him, he releasing his hold on my shirt looking at me and everyone who’s accumulated around us. Sliding his hand over his buzzed head Shayne finally begins to speak. He’s still has the same cocky grin on his face, but I can see anger erupting in his eyes as I stand toe to toe with him.
“You may have Savannah now, but I had her first. I helped her sooth her broken heart, and it was the best lay of my life. I had no idea handcuffing a woman to my car and fucking her brains out could be so arousing. I swear I sported a hard on for days after that. Every time I drive my car…” I can’t hear any more of this; I need to stop the vile words that are pouring out of his mouth. Without thinking, I connect my first with his face.
“You’re fuckin’ dead!” I scream as I block a punch he throws at me after the shock of being punched wares off. Fisting his shirt in my hands I rip him off of the table he fell back onto. Blood is pouring out of his nose, and the corner of his mouth. Spitting out some onto the floor, and wiping the rest away onto his shirt, Shayne stares me down. He throws another punch, this time connecting with my jaw. Instantly pain courses through my jaw and into my ear. Massaging my mouth, I flash him a small smile, “Come on Shayne, I know you can hit better than that!”
I can hear Savannah and Brooklyn screaming at us to stop somewhere behind us, but right now my entire focus is on the piece of shit who fucked her. I know it was before us but it still pisses me off, he continues to pursue her.

The next few seconds go by in a blur; we end up on the floor each taking punch for punch. The entire VIP area has formed a circle around us, and I know for a fact this shits going to go viral within the hour, but I don’t give a flying fuck at the moment.

I feel a pair of hands grab onto me pulling me off of Shayne, and I spin around to find one of my bouncers are dragging me away from Shayne, while another pulls Shayne off of the ground and escorting him out of the VIP area.

Looking around the crowd I no longer see Savannah anywhere. I spot Dixon and Braxton making their way through the crowd of people who are slowly returning to their partying now that the show’s over. Lifting my shirt up I wipe my mouth, my white t-shirt is now ripped and stained with blood.
“What the fuck was that!?” Dixon screams at me as security follows us to my office.
Giving him a, don’t fuck with me look, I ignore him and stock towards my office door. My head is too fucked up to process all this shit right now.
I can hear Braxton and Dixon talking behind me as we push our way through the crowd on the dance floor. The sound of Britney Spears and Will-I-Am bumping out of the speakers makes my head instantly pound.
Memories of Savannah dancing to this song plays in my mind like a movie, swaying her hips to Scream and Shout, as she climbed onto the stripper pole in our limo. Never in my life was so consumed with desire for a woman before Savannah. Ever since our first night together I’ve been addicted to her taste, her touch, needing it like an addict needs his next fix.
I can’t blame Shayne for wanting her; fuck any man with half a brain would want her. Just the fact that someone I’ve known for so long is the person trying to take her away from me is more than I can take.

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Amazon Bestselling Author and a mother of 3 wonderful kids. Madison 9 Bailey 5 and Finn 2. I run a successful online boutique, Bailey Booper’s Boutique; many of my items featured on Teen Mom 2. I live in a small town in NY with my husband of 10 years, enjoying my happily ever after. My perfect day is spending time at the beach, I love the Ocean. I’m an outdoorsy type of girl; every chance I get I’m outside walking or running around with my kids.
I have been writing for as long as I can remember but I finally decide to peruse my dreams of sharing my stories with the world when I published my first Novel Irresistible Desire back in March 2013.








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