Friday, December 6, 2013

D'Ann Lindun 's A Cowboy To Keep

Would you ever go back to a career you left behind? Come out of retirement because someone needed you? In A Cowboy To Keep, Cody Utah decides to ride bulls again to help Justin Ellis, the son of the woman Cody loves:

Justin, with Cody and Luke’s help, settled on the back of a small spotted bull. Laney was somewhat reassured to see he wore both a helmet and flak jacket. Before she could think about it, the bull was turned loose. Kicking wildly, he lunged free of the chute. After two big jumps, he stopped and flung his head back.
Laney heard a voice but didn’t recognize her own scream. “Justin, look out!”
Too far forward, his face slammed into the back of Hell’s Fury’s head. Time stood still as Justin fell backward, landing in a heap on his back.
The arena went silent.
Laney could hear her own heart beating an irregular staccato. Her feet moved before her brain did. She cleared the few seats in front of her and the arena fence without even realizing it. Her brain screamed at her. Run, Laney. Get there before the bull does. Save him.
Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the bull turn away and run down the alley, but still her feet flew. Reaching Justin, she fell to her knees. “Justin, it’s Mom.”
Face up, eyes closed, a trickle of blood coming from his mouth, he didn’t stir.
Someone dragged her away a few steps from behind. “He’ll be okay.”
Let me see him,” she begged as EMTs and bull riders crowded around.
In her ear, a familiar voice said, “Let them tend to him.”
She sagged in his arms. He gathered her close and held her from behind as the emergency personnel worked on Justin. Her body shook, and tears poured down her face. If Justin died…
No one made a sound as they loaded him in the ambulance and closed the doors. A male nurse jogged over. “It looks like a concussion, but we’re taking him to the hospital just to be sure. You can follow us there.”
Blurb: After Laney Ellis’ husband is killed by a bull, she is left to run their small cattle ranch and raise their son, Justin, on her own. Despite some of Laney’s worst fears, the dream Justin holds dearest is to be exactly like his dad, a champion bull rider. He finds his chance when world champion bull rider Cody Utah moves in next door.
Although attraction between Cody and Laney flares, neither act upon it. Laney refuses to get her family involved with another bull rider, and Cody has heard rumors Laney trapped Wyatt, her late husband, into a high school marriage by getting pregnant.The last thing Cody wants is children.
At a rodeo, Justin is thrown and knocked unconscious. As Justin lays in the hospital, Cody begs Laney to forgive him. He realizes he loves her enough to discourage Justin from the sport. Will Laney let Cody into their lives? Will Justin ride again?
A Cowboy TO Keep will be on sale today for $.99 and tomorrow for $1.99

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