Thursday, November 14, 2013

Review: The Trouble With Mistletoe

Title: The Trouble with Mistletoe  

Author: Jennifer Snow

Genre: Contemporary holiday romance

Publisher" Harlequin

Reviewer: Storm Goddess

Review Rating: 4 LIGHTNING BOLTS

Blurb:  You can't say no to a mistletoe kiss, no matter who's under it!

Since leaving Brookhollow and her fiancé, Luke Dawson, twelve years earlier, Victoria Mason hasn't looked back. She's traded the small-town dream of marriage, kids and family Christmas dinners for late nights working at a high-powered acquisitions firm, lunches at trendy New York restaurants and jet-set vacations on the slopes.

So her latest work assignment, to acquire Brookhollow's sporting-goods store, poses a challenge for Victoria, in more ways than one. Because it's almost Christmas, and she's got other holiday plans. And the owner is reluctant to sell. And the owner is Luke. She needs to wrap up the deal before she gets caught up in her old life and her old love…or becomes trapped under the mistletoe. Again.

Review:  Christmas is coming, and where better to be for the holidays than home? Well, your hometown, that is. Victoria  left Brookhollow years ago to pursue bigger dreams. She's left a lot behind, including the man she planned to marry.  So her job brings her back, and smack dab in front of Luke Dawson. How's that for fate? Sucker punch!

She's just here to acquire his store....right?

Well, with a little help of the mistletoe and a few other things (did I mention fate? I think I did!), it's not going to be that easy. Oh no. But did you expect that?

The tension is on with Victoria and Luke. Maybe it's time to lay old ghosts to rest, or maybe it's time to start something new.

One thing I gotta say is...Victoria, you are CRAZY for leaving Luke! Just saying!  I mean, you're a great character and all...but what were you thinking? Luke is....well, Luke. Sexy, determined, and okay yeah, a bit of a ladies man but guess what? You know where his heart has always been?

With Victoria. And yeah, it hurts to see her again, but he can't help what his heart wants.

The Trouble With Mistletoe is a sweet, fun Christmas read about second chances. I love the small town backdrop of Brookhollow. I love the somewhat meddling family. I love how Luke and Victoria are faced with their past and have to come to a decision on what to do now because those feelings? Well, they haven't faded away and seeing each other again only amplifies that.

Come on, it's Christmas! Where's the miracle when you need it? Oh and let's not forget that pesky mistletoe that seems to show up when you don't want it to. And can you really NOT kiss when you're standing under it?

This is my first read by Ms. Jennifer Snow, and I'm eagerly anticipating more. I will be hogging Luke for awhile, so the rest of y'all....HANDS OFF!

Great read! Pick this one up for the holidays if you're looking for something light and rewarding.


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