Saturday, November 16, 2013

Review: The Time Until

Blurb: Alan Green and Samantha Cohn have known each other for as long as both can remember. They have a special relationship that has grown far beyond mere friendship. 

Inseparable, Al and Sam have spent their lives with one another—from childhood secrets, through awkward teenage years, to finding themselves as adults—it’s always been the two of them together. 

When unexpected tragedy hits, and Sam is left fighting for her life, Alan can only watch and wait. Left alone without his best friend, Alan spends his time reliving his past, ensnared in the memories of the chaotic relationship with the girl that stole his heart. 

How would you spend the time until? 

Review Rating: 4.5 LIGHTNING BOLTS
Review: This story captivated me from the start. I was intrigued by Al and Sam, and then things were even more intense right away.  I'm not always big on stories that have a lot of flashbacks, but for this book, it worked.  Al and Sam are apart after an accident, and while things are uncertain, the memories flood Al's mind. I loved the insight on the developing friendship of these two from the very beginning. I love the concept of two life long friends falling in love, so it was neat to see how things started for them at a young age and what happened.  The book jumps from various points in the past to what happens now in the present. This is a beautiful, emotional story that I could not put down. I think I read it within a few hours.  It's been awhile since I've read a book that quickly, usually I've been needing some breaks in between, but with this one, I needed to know RIGHT THEN AND THERE! 

The Time Until is so rich with emotion and depth. I felt like i was right there, growing up with these people and I laughed, cried and yelled at certain times. The ending scared the hell out of me a few times, but never fear, it's an ending everyone will be happy with. 

i will be looking for more great works by this author, no doubt about that. 

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