Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Spotlight: Rescue Me

Rescue Me
by Jody Vitek



Can Catherine accept the consequences of a great-aunt's dying wish without losing her heart or independence?

Taking in stray, injured or needy animals, veterinarian doctor Catherine Mornelli opens the Four Hooves and Paws Rescue program. But the land where the animals are kept is being sold. She approaches her Great-Aunt Elaine about possibly using her barn. However, visiting her aunt and checking out the barn also means seeing her ex-boyfriend.

Josef Garrison farms land that once belonged to his family for generations but went to his neighbor Elaine after his great-grandfather lost it in a poker game to Catherine’s great-grandfather. When Catherine returns, he sees a way to win back her heart and the land at the same time.



Catherine met him on the steps. “I didn’t expect you here so soon.”

Well, if there’s water in the basement, ya don’t have time to waste.” Josef walked to the back of the truck and opened the tailgate. “I brought my pump to get the water out. Then we’ll assess the damage.”

Josef wiggled his way into water waders, put a bulky roll of tubing over his shoulder and grabbed the large pumping mechanism. “I’m assuming ya haven’t gone down there yet?” He peered back at her.

I tried, but I couldn’t do it.”

What is it with you and that basement?” He set the pump on the ground. “Ever since you were little, you’ve never liked going down there. You afraid of the boogeyman getting you?” He chuckled, but she didn’t find it funny.

No. Maybe it’s the steep narrow stairs, stone walls, dirt floor and lack of windows down there. I don’t know. I get crept out.”

Well, let’s get to work.” Josef walked in and straight for the basement.

What do you want me to do?” She followed as far as the top of the stairwell.

He turned on the second step and looked at her. “Come stay at my place.” He stated it plain and simple, continuing down the wooden staircase and stepped into water. He turned with a stern face. “Shit, Catherine! Why didn’t you shut the water off?” and disappeared from site.

She winced. It couldn’t be helped. She tried going into the basement but couldn’t. There was mumbling from the basement, but nothing clear could be made out because of the splashing. He probably cursed her with each step.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:  

Born and raised in Minnesota, Jody remains close to home, living with her husband of more than twenty years as well as three children and a cat named Holly. Growing up, she enjoyed reading V.C. Andrews' Dollanganger series, S.E. Hinton and Stephen King to name a few.

She’s traveled throughout the United States, to the Bahamas and Cancun, Mexico. Between watching soccer games, scrapbooking and being the COO of the Vitek household, she writes contemporary romances.

You can find Jody on:

Facebook: Jody Vitek Author:

Twitter: @JodyVitek
and you can email her at: info@jodyvitek.com

Visit www.jodyvitek.com to learn more about Jody.

To purchase Rescue Me visit: Melange Books


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