Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Blues Open Promo Day: October 21st

Haven't had one of these in, here you go! Open promo day! Nothing too explicit, please, and leave your name, book title and links if you have them.

have fun! Oh, and share with others! We want as many readers to see this, right?



  1. I'll play along - from my erotic paranormal romance - Capri's Fate

    You mean last night was real? I started to get up again but couldn't move. There were no ropes or chains, or anything delightfully kinky like that, securing me to the bed. There was just nothing. And it wouldn't let me get up.
    I looked at the ceiling. "I have to get to work. I'm - like - three hours late. Christ! I had a meeting at—"
    Was that a finger pressing on my lips to silence me? It had better be his finger and not something else.
    Stifling the urge to swear or scream, I slapped at it. "Look, I really have to pee! Let me up."
    The nothingness which held me in place vanished into thin air? I slipped one foot over the edge of the bed, reaching for the floor. The bare wood was cool against the sole of my foot. I scurried across the room, stopping at the doorway. "You aren't going to follow me into the bathroom, are you?"
    He chuckled. I took that to mean no.
    When I returned, I jerked open my closet door. Having a notion the bustier and black thong were not proper board meeting attire, I reached for my blue power suit. I was going to have to kiss ass for being late.
    A hand rested on my shoulder and directed me to turn around. "Your assistant has been informed you are sick. Something you ate at dinner last night. He will deal with your schedule. Your afternoon appointments have all called to cancel. So, it seems you're free for the day."
    "I still have the Booker account to deal with and my desk is just a mess. I need to get to work." Pushing against the restraint, I failed miserably at returning to my closet. I stood next to my bed and the floating breakfast tray. Coffee does smell good.
    "A dark roast blend. Beans from the sun-drenched soil of the Hawaiian Islands."
    I slipped my fingers into the coffee mug handle and lifted it off the tray. The aroma tickled my nose. One sip of the java brew made my eyelids close and sent a jolt of happiness through me. "So, you say all my afternoon appointments happened to cancel?"

  2. Thank you. I'll tweet & google+. Here's mine from my historical romance, Viking Fire:
    Outside he released her, but blocked her path to re-enter the hall.
    The music resonated around them. Leaning against the far wall, she crossed her arms.
    She was two feet away from him, but he was too close.

    “I thought the air would clear your head.” He cocked his eyebrow, examining her.

    “My head is fine, thank you.”

    “Aye, and the rest of you is fine to look at too.” His thick dialect chased shivers through her.

    Her hands smoothed her gown. She caught herself and stopped. At seeing his grin, her frown deepened. “I believe it’s improper for you to stare at a lady so.”

    “Would you rather I stare at you on our wedding night?” She opened her mouth to speak, but he continued. “Whilst you are without clothes?”

    “I assure you, sir, we will have no wedding night.” Her blush radiated from her chest and spread between her legs.

    “You wish to wed during the day then?” He took a step closer. “Very well, daylight will be all the better to see you.”

    Music and laughter from inside filtered through the night air. He strode toward her.
    She braced for his advances, wondering if she had the strength to inflict enough pain
    to make him reconsider. Part of her wanting to run, the other part daring him closer in challenge. God’s toenails, how could she have forgotten her dagger?

    A breath from her, he stopped. Her heart hammered in her chest.

    His fingers brushed aside a strand of her auburn hair that had slipped from her braid.
    The brief touch sent fire coursing through her. Afraid her legs would give way she leaned farther against the wall.

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    Viking Fire Amazon:
    Viking Fire B & N:

  3. Here is an excerpt from my just-released Christmas novella, A Groom for Christmas.

    “I have two days to find a fiancé.” Ignoring the anxiety that tightened her stomach, Graceann Palmer dipped her fork into her apple pie à la mode and slipped the tasty treat into her mouth.
    Her friend Kate sat next to her at the counter in the quaint fifties-era Spirit Lake Diner, located just outside the small Pennsylvania town of the same name. Kate grinned. “You could advertise online: Fiancé wanted for Christmas. Good pay. Temporary position.”
    “Like I’d get a real upstanding guy that way,” Graceann said.
    Kate shot her a sympathetic smile. “Face it. You’ll have to tell your family you lied.”
    Bing Crosby’s I’ll Be Home for Christmas flowed from the jukebox, mocking Graceann. Her lie had caught up with her. She would come home for Christmas, minus a made-up fiancé.
    Graceann finished her pie and pushed the plate away. “Tell my family the truth and have my mom try to fix me up with someone like the dentist she invited to spend the holidays with us last year? Boring, conceited, and he couldn’t keep his hands to himself. Yuck.”
    The door opened, bringing in a fresh round of cold, snowy late December air. Shivering, Graceann drew her sweater closer around her.
    “I wouldn’t mind finding that under my Christmas tree,” Kate said.
    Graceann followed her friend’s gaze to the tall man who’d just entered the diner. Dressed all in black—black motorcycle boots, black jeans, black leather jacket—and walking with the lithe grace of a panther, he took a seat at the other end of the counter. She studied him while he studied the menu. He had classic “bad boy” written all over his features—sharp cheekbones, dark stubble on a square jaw, and midnight black hair tied into a ponytail. Long, tapered fingers held the menu.
    Suddenly, he looked up. Clear blue eyes connected with hers. Recognition spiked through her and sent her pulse jumping like a kid on Christmas morning.
    “The Falcon,” she whispered.
    “What?” Kate gasped. “You’re right. It is The Falcon.
    His full lips tilted in a slow, sexy grin, showing even white teeth. He nodded at them before turning his attention to the waitress. After he gave his order, he didn’t look in their direction again.
    Kate gripped Graceann’s arm, her fingers digging into Graceann’s flesh beneath the heavy sweater. “Wow. The Falcon. I heard he left town the day after his graduation from Spirit Lake High fourteen years ago and hasn’t been heard from since.”
    “Wonder what he’s doing back here,” Graceann said. In school, she’d had a crush on The Falcon even though he was two years ahead of her. She’d never told anyone, not even Kate.
    “He’s a little scruffy,” Kate said.
    “Scruffy, my tush. He’s hot.”
    Kate grabbed her arm again as Graceann lifted her coffee mug. Coffee sloshed over the sides onto the counter. Setting the mug down, Graceann gave her friend an exasperated look. “What?”
    “I have it,” Kate said. “Your fiancé.”
    “What are you talking about?”
    “The Falcon. I’ll bet he’ll pretend to be your fiancé. After Zach bowed out, you said you’d be willing to pay someone.
    The Falcon always needed cash. Do it. Ask him.”

  4. Sorry, I forgot to leave the buy links for A Groom for Christmas. Here they are:

  5. From Borealis IX: Akira's Choice

    Two thugs stalked away to follow the cheetah.

    "Go after that cat and you're dead!" The strong baritone voice came from a tall man aiming a blaster at the two hoodlums.

    He stepped out of the shadows, in full paramilitary gear. His left hand held a long knife. He sidled toward Akira, circling the thugs, who started to retreat at the sight of his blaster.

    "Mind your own business." Akira didn't appreciate unwanted help.

    The man stepped closer. "These goons know nothing about civilized rules of fighting. They want your body, your hide, your cat for its meat, and your armor and weapons."

    "I know that." Who did this man think she was? A neophyte? "There is no honor in killing defenseless creatures."

    "There is no honor in this place." His gaze skimmed the sorry lot holding an assortment of blades and clubs, some with protruding metal spikes. "Believe me, they are far from defenseless."

    The thugs kept their distance from the blaster aimed at them, but they did not retreat.

    "Still. I refuse to kill if there is another way." None of those rejects would threaten her individually, but their number could present a challenge. As more joined the group, she counted two dozen.

    The louts glanced at one another with indecision. At least, they understood the warning. She was trained and dangerous. Not to be trifled with. They widened their half circle in front of her, still hesitating, but they held their ground. Chikusho.

    In a few long steps, the stranger joined her side. From his walk and the way he held his weapons, she could tell he had military training. He didn't look like a TPP soldier, though. Something wild lurked in his clear blue gaze. A free thinker. A bounty hunter like her? Or perhaps a rebel?

    "You look like you could use some help."

    "Do I?" Unbelievable. "Why should I trust you?" She couldn't help the derision in her voice. "For all I know, you could be their leader, luring me into a trap."

    He chuckled and shook his head. "I'm not one of them, and you are in more trouble than you know."

    "Get out of my way." Akira clicked open the metal claws of her forearm braces then unsheathed a titanium short sword and adopted a defensive stance. "I work alone."

    He laughed. "And I'm telling you, this is no place for a warrior from a distant past. Especially, one who cares about something as futile as honor."