Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Journey of the Magi Spotlight

Teaser from Barbara Edwards’ #new #kindle release

In Journey of the Magi, my holiday romance, the heroine, Noel Martin is struggling to keep her promise to her children. A blizzard in Minnesota, a broken down car and lack of money halts their journey to a home in Connecticut. When the man of her dreams offers his help and love, can she break her vow?
Thanks for inviting me to be here today, Nikki. I’m blogging at several places over the next week and hope to make a lot of new friends.
I enjoyed writing about Noel and her children Holly and Nicholas. It was a departure from my dark and scary paranormal romances and edgy historical romances. It wasn’t easy for the same reasons.

Here’s a teaser from Journey of the Magi
“I don’t know.” When Noel bit her lower lip, Dan’s gaze dropped to her mouth.
Her throat dried. She knew how his mouth would feel if he kissed her again. Only this time she wanted more. Harder, deeper. Her stomach gave a quick flip and she swallowed as her thighs clenched.
She had two children but couldn’t remember when a man’s simple touch had affected her like this.
“What don’t you know?”
Confused by his question, Noel hesitated. She had to stop this silly fantasy. She glanced down and realized how close she stood to him. Encased in denim, his
muscular thighs filled her with longing.

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