Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Intense Passions

Title - Intense Passions   Intense Series, #1

Author - Kalen Laurel
Genre – Adult Romance, Erotica with light BDSM

Brooke Anderson, a pretty, young manager in a Chicago consulting firm, finally sheds her boring boyfriend and is ready for a relationship that will grab her by the shoulders and shake her into consciousness. She could easily fall for Jack, an intense and handsome senior partner at her company. His passion for food, wine, and music is infectious, and his delightfully kinky sexuality threatens to rock Brooke’s world. But Marshall, a powerful but older CEO-type she meets also has an eye for her, and his dark sexuality draws Brooke closer with every turn. But is the man just too dangerous?
These two alpha males ultimately find themselves face-to-face in a testosterone-driven clash, but not before Brooke gets a taste of the mind-blowing emotion, off-the-charts sensation and unparalleled sexuality an intense relationship can bring.

About the Author
I’m Kalen Laurel, age 52, and I’m a mother, wife, mid-level manager, dog lover (and cats, too, but I’m allergic to them) and avid romance and erotica writer. Though I’ve written for years, I’ve just begun to be interested in officially sharing my stories with others.
I’m currently working on a novel about an unlikely couple who experience the ups and downs of getting to know each other’s sexual fantasies, limits, and compatibility. It’s mostly a love story with a bit of light BDSM. I hope to finish it this spring.
I decided to begin blogging in the hope I might find others willing to share their experiences, advice, and critiques with me.

Author Links

Email - kalen.e.laurel@gmail.com
Twitter - @KalenLaurel
Website -

Brooke’s voice
[thinking about you]
I “send” my text and begin searching for another enticing picture.
Before I choose the perfect one, my phone vibrates with a text.
[I had no idea we have similar proclivities. I insist you model this for me in person. What are your plans for tonight?]
I can feel the blood draining from my face as it dawns on me that I’ve sent the picture of me in my corset, pubic hair and all, to Marshall instead of Jack.
[that wasn’t intended for you! it was a mistake. i’m out of town for the weekend and didn’t mean to send that pic to you!]
I’m so unnerved that I’m having difficulty typing.
[Jack hasn’t taught you very well, I see. Your tone is offensive and certainly deserves punishment.]
I don’t know if I’m more shocked by his comment or by my body’s reaction to it. There is no way I can ignore the tingle of arousal between my thighs.


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