Monday, August 26, 2013

Review: Promise Me Eden

Title: Promise Me Eden

Author: D'Ann Lindun

Publisher: Self Published

Genre: Contemporary western romance

Heat Level: Spicy

Reviewer: Storm Goddess

Review Rating: 4 LIGHTNING BOLTS

Blurb: Adam Pelletier is at the end of his rope. He can’t figure a way to help his wife recover from the tragic stillbirth of their son. He hasn’t forgotten their boy, but Adam has pushed his grief down deep and is coping the only way he knows how—by refusing to focus on his loss and burying himself in work.

Eden Pelletier is lost in grief. The pain for her is unbearable. So much so she’s in a deep hole of depression she can’t climb out of. Unable to do anything but think about her dead son, she can’t understand why Adam is able to put him aside and carry on. She’s so heartbroken she’s lost her job. When Adam pushes her to get up and move on, she lashes out—asking for a divorce she doesn’t want.

Can Adam win his wife back before it’s too late?

Review: A couple that once had it all now stands at the brink of losing everything. Once devastating event has changed their lives forever, and neither Adam or Eden is sure how to move forward from here as a couple.

Sometimes a major life altering event can bring two people closer, or tear them apart. For this struggling married couple, it tears them further apart, more than they imagined could ever happen. Each struggles with the loss differently, making it harder on the other to come to terms with what happened.

As I've come to expect with a D'Ann Lindun story, the emotional punch smacks me, and HARD, right away. Some may think Eden is cold, moody, and other things, but put yourself in her shoes. Could you recover so quickly from a devastating loss? That heartache can easily change a person from who they used to be. Does Eden come across as a bit cold? Well sure, but I can understand where she's coming from. She's not able to deal. But during the story, life- and other family members push her to move forward, and readers see a gradual change in her. It takes time, but she's learning. As for Adam, her feelings for him have changed, but she still carries a torch for the man she married. If only she knew how to let him into her heart again.

Adam is struggling too. Eden has pushed him so far away that it's like their an ocean apart, even though they live in the same town. A few misunderstandings occur that just might drive that wedge even further, but Adam is persistent, and the one thing he wants is his wife back.

Promise Me Eden is filled with a wide range of emotions, and as a reader, i was completely sucked into the story from the start. I had to read until the very end so that I knew whether this broken couple was going to find a way to patch things up and get past the biggest heartache they hopefully never have to encounter again.

Well done on another satisfying story that wrung out my heart a few times and had me shedding some tears. By the way, I'm hoping a secondary character gets his own story, because I'm insanely curious about man Eden is working for.

If you want a great second chance romance filled with emotional turmoil, I highly recommend Promise Me Eden.


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