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Kal & Katherine interviewed from Brenda Dyer's Prophecy's Child

I am extremely excited to welcome Kal and Katherine, the hero and heroine from Brenda Dyer's Prophecy's Child!  Yes, I'm interviewing them, so this is going to be fun :) I do hope you'll leave a comment letting us know you stopped by!

“So tell me, how did you approach your author about your story? I'm well aware of how those like you just pop up out of nowhere

Kal: *Laughs* Yep, we vampires love to just--*snaps fingers*--pop outta nowhere. It was actually Mel who approached Brenda first. Of course I was there for some of the telling of his story. After his was done, I popped into Brenda’s head and told her I didn’t think it was fair she wrote Mel’s story and gave him a happily ever after and not me. *Laughs again* While she was writin’ Mel’s storey, I wouldn’t leave her alone. I keep bugging her to write mine.

Katherine: The moment Kal started telling Brenda his story, I knew I wanted mine told—had to make sure everyone knew the real story.

“Care to share a juicy detail about yourselves that we may not otherwise know about you? Oh, come. Let's call it a little game of truth.” < Winks>

Kal: I have a story to tell ya, but it’s not so much embarrassing as funny. As you know, I love pulling pranks--*he laughs again*--Oh man, this still makes me laugh when I think about it. So, years ago, Mel came back to the base just freaking shit-faced drunk. I haven’t seen him that hammered before. Anyway, I have this female manikin--*laughs*--don’t ask—Anyhow, once Mel passed out, I put a blonde wig on the manikin, squirted some ketchup on her neck and tucked her into bed beside Mel. When Mel woke up, he screamed like a little girl. *Kal laughs so hard he can’t speak. Finally he gets himself under control* He ran out of his room, face white as a sheet—naked—screaming that he killed someone. I played along for a moment, went to his room, and picked up the manikin. Well, her head fell off, and Mel screams again! Shit, that was one of the best pranks I pulled.

Katherine: Kal! That’s awful. *She starts laughing* He must have wanted to kill you for that prank.

Kal: He did. But not right away—he waited until he wasn’t hung-over, then he beat the crap outta me. *Kal glances at Katherine* Now it’s your turn. What’s the most embarrassing thing that happened to you?

Katherine: *Crossed her arms* I don’t think I should tell you. Your story wasn’t embarrassing.

Kal: Awe, come on. I won’t laugh—promise.

Katherine: Well, okay, but I’m only telling this story for Nikki’s sake—not yours. When I first started my job at the Urban Country restaurant, our uniform was a white dress shirt and a black skirt. On my third day, I dropped Ike off at school then headed to work. I walked through the restaurant, to the staff room, tied on my apron, then proceeded to wait on customers. An hour later, Amy comes up to me and tells me my skirt was tucked into the back of my nylons. My whole behind was sticking out—and I mean the whole thing—I was wearing thong underwear.

Kal: *He blinks, his lips twitch, then he laughs so hard tears leak from his eyes.*

Katherine: *She chuckles.* Okay, that’s enough. It’s funny, but not that funny.

Kal: *Still laughing*

“Is there a talent you wish you had, but currently don't have?"

Kal: Wish I had ex-ray vision—to see through women’s clothes.

Katherine: *Slaps his arm and laughs.* Ass.

“Without getting you in to trouble, either of you....what is your biggest turn off?

Kal: everything Katherine does turns me on.

Katherine: Good answer, Kal. For me, I’d have to say bad breath is a huge turn-off.

“Biggest turn on”?

Kal: *Leans over and nuzzles Katherine’s neck.* My wife totally turns me on. I’d love to see her walking around in a thong and high heels, and nothing else.

Katherine: * Her cheeks pinken* I’d have to say, Kal is my biggest turn on. I can’t resist him—even when I’m pissed at him—which is most of the time.

“Pet peeve?”

Kal: When the youth today say Yolo—you only live once. And I also can’t stand the word swag.

Katherine: When people lie.

“Other than loved ones and the absolutely necessities, what is one thing you can't live without?”

Kal: Video games.

Katherine: Off the top of my head—and since I think you are looking for something that isn’t really important to life, but is something I feel I need—I’ll say my blow-dryer. Without it, my hair is a disaster.

“Favorite way to relax and wind down?”

Kal: Hangin’ with my best buddy Ike, who just so happens to be my son. Love that kid so much.

Katherine: When all three of us sit on the couch together and watch TV.

“Where is a place you'd love to travel to?”

Kal: Well, I’ve lived many places in my life—but I would like to visit Scotland again. That country is wild. Everyone should go there once in their life.

Katherine: Oh, Scotland sounds great. I’ve never been. Actually, I haven’t had the opportunity to travel much. Although, we do have a trip planned to visit Kal’s mother in France next month. *Katherine pulls a face* Should be an…interesting visit, I’m sure.

“Biggest fear?”

Kal: Losing Katherine and Ike—they are my world.

Katherine: I’ll repeat Kal’s answer, because it is also my fear. Losing Kal and Ike—the thought petrifies me.

“Do you have ANY idea what your author is working on next?

Kal: *Smiles* Yep. Prophecy’s Power is Soren’s story. But don’t bother asking for details because Brenda hasn’t shared any with us. Though, she has been conducting interviews with Soren.

“What good quality to you think you bring out in one another?”

Kal: Everything good about me is all thanks to Katherine.

Katherine: Awe, Kal. that is so sweet, but also a lie. You are good, truly good, down to your soul. And it is you who brings out the good in me.

*They share a tender look and a kiss.*

What's your favorite line from your book and why?

Kal: *Shrugs.* I don’t know—I like them all. *Smiles.*

Katherine: Sorry, I honestly can’t think of one off the top of my head. Like Kal, I like them all.

“Well, I know you both are busy, so I don't want to keep you all day, but is there anything you'd like to share?”

Kal: *He looks out at the readers.* Yeah. this story really is awesome, whether you like vampires or not. So, give it a try. I bet you’ll want to thank me.

Katherine: Thank you for everything, Nikki. I’m glad you asked us to spend time with you and your followers.

"It's my pleasure! I am so glad to have you here today!

His secret will shatter her world.
Katherine Colby’s life splintered ten years ago when her lover suddenly vanished, leaving her with more than a broken heart. But when Kal unexpectedly makes an appearance, her safe, dependable existence is shattered once more. Drawn into Kal’s deadly world of vampires and demons, she must now put aside her hurt and anger and learn to trust him. Can she forgive past deceptions and find the courage to love again? Or will she turn away the one man who owns her heart and soul?
Her secret will change his life.
Powerful, and lethal, Kal is a vampire warrior, sworn to protect humans from demons. Loving Katherine too much to pull her into his dangerous world, Kal deserted her, believing his decision was best for them both. But not even time could assuage his yearning for the woman who has captured his heart. As fate tosses them together once again, Kal must fight to win Katherine’s trust and forgiveness before evil separates them forever. But is he ready to become the man she needs him to be? Or will he lose the one woman he can’t live without?


 Katherine busied herself by unzipping her suitcase and stacking her clothes on the bed. She sensed Kal behind her, but didn’t acknowledge him.
“Katherine?” Kal cleared his throat. “I know it’s been a huge inconvenience quitting your job and moving in here, but I hope we can at least be civil to one another while you’re here.”
Her boss’s angry face flashed through her mind. When Katherine quit her job—with no notice—Michelle had been livid. 
Michelle had lectured her on loyalty, respect, and the fact she’d taken a chance hiring her without experience, only for Katherine to repay that kindness by quitting without warning. By the time Katherine left the restaurant, her self-esteem had dropped to zero, and her guilt level had risen through the roof.
She walked over to the dresser, yanked open the top drawer and dumped her load of clothes inside. “I’ll try, but I’m not promising anything,” she said through gritted teeth.
He cursed under his breath.
She wheeled around. “What the hell more do you want from me?”
“You don’t want to know.”
She slammed the drawer shut. “Try me.”
“You sure?”
“May as well get it all out on the table.”
He closed the door; the lock clicked into place. 
Fear of being alone with him took the edge off her fury.
Heat from his gaze burned through her clothing. “I want you naked on my bed. I want you to scream my name when you come. I want to see you smile, hear you laugh.” He pushed away from the door and stalked toward her from across the room. Lifting a hand, he caressed her cheek with the pad of his thumb. “I want you to love me again. But most of all, I want your forgiveness.”
His fingers traced the contours of her jaw, her neck. “I know you don’t want to hear it, but I love you—I always have.”
Her mind screamed run, but her feet remained rooted to the floor. Each word chipped away at her defenses.
Leaning closer, his lips gently brushed hers. “All I’ve ever wanted was your happiness.”
His tongue outlined the seam of her mouth. Desire scorched her willpower. Without thinking, she opened for him, and his tongue swept inside.
A deep groan tore from his throat as his arms tightened around her.

Author Info: Brenda Dyer lives in the small town of Sooke off the coast of British Columbia with her husband, two teenage boys, and an assortment of animals.
She is a graduate from LongRidge Writers group.
When she isn't writing you can find her out in her gardens or working with her two miniature horses.
Brenda loves to hear from readers. If you would like to contact her, visit her website.

Where you can get a copy of this fantabulous book! 


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