Thursday, July 4, 2013

VBT: Lori Wilde guest blogs!

Lace Bettingfield, the heroine of ALL OUT OF LOVE, is a botanist. Writing her story was a bit of a challenge since I’ve got a thumb that’s black as midnight when it comes to gardening. Plants hyperventilated when I get near them, I swear it.

Because of my incompetence in the flora department, I had to do quite a bit of research to get into the mind (and heart) of a botanist. I visited several arboretums and spoke to botanists, although I heard much whizzing of information as it zoomed over my head. I perused flower websites and bought Botany for Dummies.

I learned a great deal about century plants—both a Devil’s Tongue and Corpse Plant figure into the plot of ALL OUT OF LOVE—including the fact that “century” is a misnomer. While century plants do take decades to bloom and then die right after, it’s more like thirty or forty years than one hundred.

What I took away from the experience is:

  1. Botanists are bright people who make the world look a whole lot prettier.
  2. Botany is sexy! Those plants are busy making love almost constantly.
  3. I am not cut out to be a gardener. The bugs, the sweat, the dirt underneath my fingers, the backaches. I much more of a girly-girl than I thought!

What I hope is that my dedication to detail paid off and the reader will understand what motivates Lace and how her love for plants drives her relationship with Pierce Hollister.

However, I suspect the audio book narrator, CJ Critt, probably wished I had not been so thorough with my use of Latin names. She kept asking me how to pronounce them. Heck, I don’t know. I just have to write the names, not say them.

Do you like gardening? If so, are you a vegetable gardener, a flower gardener or both? What’s your favorite plant to grow? Me, its ivy. The one plant that gives me the finger and refuses to die no matter how much I neglect it.

All Out of Love
A Cupid Texas Novel
By: Lori Wilde


The second book in a dazzling new Cupid, Texas series by Lori Wilde. Welcome to Cupid, where every wish for love comes true…

For years, a small group of women in Cupid, TX, led by Millie Greenway, have taken it upon themselves to keep the Cupid legend alive. Now Millie has roped her four disbelieving granddaughters into joining the cause.

Lace Bettingfield knows for a fact that the Cupid legend is bogus. As a shy sixteen-year-old, she left a letter at the statue and got nothing in return but heaps of embarassment when her letter ended up printed in the school newspaper. But now the boy she longed for is back in town and Lace can't help wondering...what if?
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LORI WILDE is the New York Times bestselling author of more than sixty books. A former RITA finalist, Lori has received the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award, the Holt Medallion, the Booksellers Best, the National Readers’ Choice, and numerous other honors. She lives in Texas, with her husband and a wide assortment of pets. Lori teaches Romance Writing Secrets via the internet through colleges and universities worldwide at Visit her at www.loriwilde.comor @LoriWilde on Twitter.
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