Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Review: Riptide

Title: Riptide  

Author: Susan Hayes

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand

Genre: paranormal, erotic, menage

Reviewer: Crystal

Review Rating: 5 LIGHTNING BOLTS


Rory Frazier is destined to be the next leader of Kismet Cove, a secret colony of seal shape-shifters known as selkies. The catch? Rory can only claim his birthright if he and his blood brother Evan Sinclair find a suitable mate.

Jessica Jones has come to Tofino to reclaim her life and move on from the grief of her mother’s death. Jess just wants time alone and space to heal, but kismet has something else in store. After a rogue wave sweeps her out into the frigid Pacific Ocean, Jess is rescued by two handsome men who heat her blood and help to heal her wounded heart.

Time’s running out for Rory and Evan. They need to present the colony with their chosen mate and tell Jess the truth about who they really are. When their secrets are finally revealed, will their newfound love survive, or will the emotional riptide tear the three of them apart forever?

Review: I love to read about shapeshifters and to read about selkies was just icing on the cake.

Rory and Evan are blood brothers who really need to find the woman that is meant to be their mate. Rory's dad still believes in doing things the old fashioned way and keeping the blood line pure. They just want a woman they they both can love and doesn't leave them cold. They believe that they will probably never meet the woman for them. Well that is until they see a woman fall into the ocean and it is lust a first sniff.

Jess is trying to get over the death of her mom. She finds out that he mom has left her the cottage that they used to go to on vacations. When she gets there she starts remembering the cottage and finds out that her dad has upgraded the place and put in a hot tub outdoors. I always wanted a hot tub so I could relax. When Jess falls in the water and is saved by Rory and Evan things start changing for her.

I have to say that this was a great read. I didn't think I would get into the story as much as I did. I couldn't wait to figure out about Jess's past and see how things would work out between these three. I am just saying that the sex scenes were more than hot. I could almost see my kindle catch on fire when these three got together. There were times that I was laughing and times when I felt sadness for Rory because he thought there was a darkness in him that neither Evan or Jess would want to live with. This is a M/F/M relationship and there was never any M/M. The only love that the males feel for each other is brotherly love.

I enjoyed getting to read about the legends and why the selkie do what they do. The author did a wonderful job of explaining everythig. I never felt like I was missing anything and I really loved this book. I hope there will be more in the future.

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