Monday, July 15, 2013

Review: Collision With Destiny

Title: Collision with Destiny    

Author: Khloe Wren

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

Genre: Paranormal, contemporary

Length: short story

Reviewer: Gina


Blurb: When Emma knocks a wolf unconscious with her car, she naturally takes it home with her to make sure it's alright. By the time she gets home, the wolf is awake and as soon as she brings it inside, it transforms into a hot man, Kevin. He spends the night convincing her she is his mate.

The morning after Emma is horrified that Kevin claimed her without her permission … can Kevin convince her he's the werewolf of her dreams?

Review: What can I say about 'collision of destiny'? It was a wonderful short read. It was steadily paced from start to finish, not too slow and not too fast, but just right. I found it impossible to put down. The plot itself left no questions unanswered by the end, it was a well executed plot to be fair. The lead hero, Kevin, is strong and sexy and very very dominant, I love that in any male character in any stories I read. The heroine, Emma, she starts off very unhappy with things but by the end she feels 'complete'. I felt her a little difficult to relate to because I feel that there was not much time with just her. Most of the story comprised of the interactions between the two, and boy were those interactions heated and sizzling. It was a well written piece with no grammatical and spelling issues, well formatted and easy to read. I absolutely loved the story and would definitely recommend to friends and so on. I would love to see more work from this author.

Red Rose Publishing

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