Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Spotlight: Geoducks are for Lovers

BLURB: Food writer Maggie Marrion is just getting back on her feet after  a horrible year, or two, or three. With their twentieth reunion approaching, she invites four of her closest friends from college for a weekend at her beach cabin on Whidbey Island. What she doesn't expect is her best friends, artist Quinn Dayton and part-time erotica novelist, Selah Elmore, to play matchmaker. The two plot a surprise that will make the weekend, and her life, a lot more interesting.

Gil Morrow, former grunge musician turned history professor, joins them as Selah's date for the weekend. After coming face to face with the one who got away, he decides he's waited long enough to get the girl. With the support of old friends, a few wishing rocks, the world's largest burrowing clam, and a hot lumberjack thrown into the mix, Gil reminds Maggie that forty-something isn't too old for second chances.

Can we learn to love the life we have and let go of who we expected to be? What happens when the generation from The Breakfast Club and Reality Bites meets The Big Chill? Come spend a weekend with these Generation X-ers as they share laughter, tears, life's ups and downs, old stories, and new beginnings.

Selah puts on a knowing smile. “Exactly what you fear and hope I’m doing. I’m putting you and Gil in the same place at the same time again. Only this time you’re both single and no dead body to drag down the mood.”
            “Nice. I’m sure Lizzy appreciates that. What about his girlfriend?”
            “What girlfriend?” Selah smirks.
            “What do you mean ‘what girlfriend’? The one you told me he’s been seeing for ages.”
            “Hmmm. Doesn’t ring a bell.” Selah winks.
            Maggie is stunned by Selah’s revelation. She’s assumed Gil had a girlfriend for the past year based on cryptic responses Selah gave her whenever she asked about him. She gives Selah a dirty look.
            “Oh, come on. There’s always been something between you and Gil. Stewing, brewing, steeping, fermenting between the two of you, but the timing was never right. Now the time is right. Plus, I’m bored of playing telephone for you two Luddites, so I figure why not put you in the same place before the reunion, and get all the awkward out of the way.”
            She pauses to take a sip of Rosé and plops a nut in her mouth. “And now that Gil’s here, this weekend will be a mini-reunion of all my favorite Greeners from college. Call me selfish.” Selah eats another pecan and pulls out one of the teak deck chairs. “Sit, and let’s enjoy our wine. Tell me what you’ve been up to this past week. If you are good I’ll tell you about Jeremy.”
            “Jeremy? New lover?”
            “Perhaps. I haven’t decided yet.”
            “Sounds more like you’ve decided, but haven’t fucked him yet.”
            “Who hasn’t fucked who, yet?” Quinn asks as he and Gil return.
            “Technically it is ‘who hasn’t fucked whom,” Selah corrects him.
            “Whom schmoom, let’s get to the fucking.” Quinn sits next to Maggie at the table, leaving the chair opposite her empty for Gil.
            “Crass much, Q?” Gil asks. “Some things never change.”
            “Sue me. I’m an old married man now. I need the vicarious thrills and intrigue from my single friends.”
            “Selah was telling me about a new prospectus, Jeremy.”
            “Jeremy. Sounds like a grad student. Or is he an undergrad?” Quinn asks.
            “I don’t sleep with undergrads. Such a cliché, Quinn, and sadly frowned upon by the powers that be these days.”
                “Gil, have you ever fucked one of your students?” Quinn enquires.

Author Bio:   

Before writing full time, Daisy Prescott worked in the world of art, auctions, antiques, and home decor. She earned her degree in Art History from Mills College and endured a brief stint as a film theory graduate student at Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. Baker, art educator, antiques dealer, blue ribbon pie maker, fangirl, blogger, freelance writer, gardener, wife, and pet mom are a few of the other titles shes acquired over the years.
Born and raised in San Diego, Daisy and her husband live in a real life Stars Hollow in the Boston suburbs with their dog, Hubbell, and an imaginary house goat. She is currently researching her second novel.
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Twitter: @daisy_prescott