Thursday, June 20, 2013

Review: Feels Like the First Time

Book Title:   Feels Like the First Time  

Author: Ciana Stone

Publisher: Ellora’s Caves Publishing

Genre: Romance, Action

Heat Level- erotic

Length- 80 pages

Reviewer name:  B. Gillilan


Blurb: When Clint Marsh pulls a woman from an overturned semi on a county road in Florida, he expects only to do a good deed then get back on his motorcycle and head home.
It doesn’t quite work out that way. The woman turns out to be Lily Ridenger, his first love, and the one woman who has the ability to turn his thoughts to sin with a single look. She’s in need of a place to stay and he has room to spare. So what if they have unfinished business between them? So what if there are still unresolved feelings? Chances are they’ll hook up, have sex hot enough to start a fire and go their separate ways. At least that’s what he thought.
He thought wrong.

It Feels Like the First Time is a very sweet and romantic book. The detail of the book is amazing and really gets the story in the reader’s head. Lily is really headstrong and Clint is a good-‘ole Country Boy. A reader can really tell that the author took a great deal of time creating the characters, including side characters like Cam or Eddie.
The book is a little fast for my taste but it’s understandable with the fact it’s a novella. I don’t care for the instantly jumping into bed with each other after 10 years. But at the same time I understand it since it’s happened to my sister. Sometimes you are just meant to be together and years apart doesn’t diminish it. I really like Lily’s determination to support her and not accept charity.
The relationship development between the two main characters and the minor characters is great. It feels like the author wanted them to be just as memorable. Lily’s gift was a bit odd. It felt like it didn’t really fit in the story and the spot it was placed to start mentioning it was a bit awkward. The end was slightly rushed and could have been fleshed out a bit more. But all in all, it’s a great book with strong characters. It’s a definite read.
B. Gillilan

Ellora's Cave

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  1. Thanks for the review - I haven't read this one yet