Monday, May 13, 2013

Review: The Purrfect Plan

Title: The Purrfect Plan  

Author: Angela Castle

Publisher: Rogue Phoenix Press

Genre: paranormal romance

Reviewer: Tabitha

Review rating: 5 LIGHTNING BOLTS

Blurb: Fed up with men, but wanting a baby, Storm Wellington decides to take matters into her own hands, randomly selecting an obscure little town to find an unknowing sperm donor. Unknowingly, Storm walks into a town run and owned by big cat shifters. River Black, Alpha of Blacktown can’t believe his luck, finding his mate in his own town, even better, the lovely lush woman is more than eager. After a passionate night, Storm disappears without a trace, leaving River desperate to find her. Finally, tracking her down, River discovers the evidence of her single parenthood plans and is now pregnant with his cubs. River persuades Storm to return to Blacktown with him, but another has her eye on River and is determined to rid the town of any rival. In the sweltering heat of the Australian Summer, River must convince Storm to be his mate and protect her or risk losing her forever.


A Damaged Woman...

Storm Wellington distrusts all men. Her past relationships and her mother's have left a bitter taste in her mouth. But with her biological clock ticking like a gong in her ear she figures men have one sole purpose. She feels the pull to have a baby at least her child will always love her. But she has no urge to take on a man in the process.

The Plan...

Go to a small town away from where she lives and find a willing donor. Okay, maybe not so willing. But what he doesn't know won't hurt him? Right?

An Alpha Shifter...

River Black is Alpha of Blacktown. Tall, dark and oozing sexuality. He is shocked when he walks into the local bar and finds him mate. She is everything he has ever dreamed of and...she smells like cookies. How could a man or shifter ask for more? Elated when she responds so willingly to him and seems to crave him as much as he does her. After a night of unbridled passion he is confused when he wakes alone the next morning. Not sure how to find the little minx that stole his heart he's rattled but determined to search her out. The Hunt is On...

The characters in The Purrfect Plan were raw and emotionally flawed but believable. They felt real and not like perfection. I love flawed characters that take you on an emotional ride. The outcome it so much more fulfilling.

The relationship between Storm and River was rocky at first but to see the trust between them build leaves the reader emotionally attached and not wanting the story to end. But I feel we will get sneak peeks into their lives in the other books to come in this series. Or at least I hope so!

River is patient and gives Storm time to trust him. I found this very sweet. Storm fights the attraction but finds she needs him enough to take the gamble. Yep! That was the sweet spot in the story where the readers sigh.

This story had a bit of everything, romance, deceit, action, and steamy sex scenes. From start to finish I couldn't put this story down.

I found this story to be a must read. I'm glad I got the chance to review The Purrfect Plan. I will definitely be reading more of Mrs. Castle's books. She paints vibrant characters and know how to craft a spellbinding story.

Happy Reading,

Tabitha Blake

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