Friday, May 3, 2013

Review: My Wicked Nanny (Club Wicked, #2)

Title: My Wicked Nanny (Club Wicked, #2)

Author: Ann Mayburn

Publisher: Loose Id

Genre:  Contemporary Erotic romance

Reviewer: Crystal

Review Rating: 5 LIGHTNING BOLTS

Blurb: Young nanny Anya Kozlov takes a job at the elite BDSM club, Wicked, in order to pay for her upcoming trip to Paris. Donning a mask to disguise herself she uses the fake name of Dove. On her first night she is shocked when she finds out that the man she is a nanny for and has an enormous crush on, Jesse Shaw, is also a member of Wicked. When Jesse expresses his interest in teaching her about the dark pleasures of Dominance and submission Anya is helpless to resist, even though she is lying to him about who she is.

Jesse can't seem to get Dove, out of his mind. It's been five years since his wife passed and for the first time he feels something beyond physical lust or friendship for a woman. He is angry and hurt when he finds out that Dove is really Anya, his meek and mousy nanny. With only a few weeks left before Anya leaves for Paris, Jesse is determined to get her to not only tell the truth, but also mark her heart and soul so that she doesn't forget him when they are an ocean apart.

Review: Now this was one hot read.

I loved Jesse's and Anya's story. It pulled me in from the first page and I never wanted to see it end. I know that I will get to see more with each and every new book that I get to read. I love the club and I love meeting the Doms. Every character is so different and unique. When I read books like this is helps me to get into their minds and it is like becoming them.

It always amazes me that an auhtor can write such a wonder story and can keep the reader in the book the whole time. It takes an author with skill and one who loves what they do. That is what I got when I read this book. I could let my imaignation go with all the descriptions that the author used. To just imagine it in my mind is what makes the story more believable and lets you get into the book like you are really there, experiencing everything that is happening.

Even though both characters kept something from the other and didn't mean to. I can understand what Anya was going through. To finally have the man she has been wanting and getting to use a different name without him knowing who it is. I liked that Jesse let her go and experience some of the world for herself and loving her enough to do it. That is how you know it is true love. Something that we all want to find. Doesn't matter if it is in true life or in a book.

So if you love a book that take you out of this world and lets you see other things then this is the book for you.

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