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Spotlight: Take a Chance on Love

Take a Chance on Love   

by Christi Williams
Sensual Contemporary Romance
Published April 15, 2013 by Whiskey Creek Press/Torrid Books


When Chancie de Leur meets highway patrol trooper Micah Taylor one frosty Wyoming night, instant sexual heat kindles between them. Chancie’s a lonely young widow who owns her own business and Micah is divorced, so there shouldn’t be anything holding them back. But Micah wonders if Chancie’s obvious wealth might become an issue, or the fact that she’s apparently the second woman in his life who has zero interest in ever having his baby. 
Micah has no idea of the real problem between him and Chancie, until he meets her son. Ten-year-old Jamie de Leur is determined to break up his mom and her lawman, and Micah questions whether any relationship with Chancie is worth dealing with the spoiled kid she’s raising. 
In a showdown over Jamie breaking the law, Micah has to decide if he wants to be Chancie’s cop—or her family man.


Micah tossed his Stetson in the back seat. Chancie got in, put the car in gear, and started to back out of the parking space.
Stop,” he said.
She turned her head to look questioningly at him.
Seat belt.”
I never wear one. I had a car once whose belt wouldn’t unbuckle. Scared me to think I couldn’t get out if I needed to.” She smiled ingratiatingly, expecting to have her way.
He didn’t smile back. “I don’t mean to be a hardass, Chancie. But I’ve seen too much damage done in wrecks to sit here and let you drive without a belt. I insist you buckle up.”
She drew in a breath. “Would you arrest me?”
He grinned. “I could. But I wouldn’t. I’m asking you nice, though. Please buckle up. For me, if not for yourself.”
All right, Micah.” She reached for the belt, clicked it into the lock. “Better?”
Much.” He faced forward again, leaning his head back against the rest.
She finished backing up, then drove through town and out past the city limits. At a little turn-out called Fourteen Mile that featured a spring fed pond, frozen over now into a solid sheet of ice, she pulled off and parked. She let the car idle, hands on the steering wheel and eyes straight ahead. A glow suffused the bluff overhanging the pond, and soon the moon began to rise, a sliver of gold that seemed so close she could almost reach out and touch it.
Even though the little traveler’s stop featured restrooms, Micah doubted if they’d be disturbed at this time of night. As she sat and said nothing, he began, “Chancie.”
This isn’t as romantic as I thought it would be,” she said.
He felt a laugh rumbling deep in his chest. “Honey, we haven’t done anything yet. You want me to hold you, meet me halfway over the console.”

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