Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Where are they now Wednesday

Today I'm introducing a new feature to the blog- It probably won't occur every Wednesday, but an occasional feature.

Where are they now Wednesday?

i'm going to talk about authors that I've read some great books by and I haven't seen anything published from them in awhile.

Today's author?

Millie Criswell.

The most notable books by this author (For me) are these:

  I remember these being light hearted contemporary romantic comedies.

Try saying that ten times fast lol.

The last thing I'm seeing published from Millie Crisswell is in the mid to late 2000's. I really enjoyed these books, they were published through Harlequin.

I thought these were great stories. Wonder what ever happened to the author and if she plans to write and publish again.

Have you read any of Ms. Criswell's books?

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