Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rocked Under \\\\


Picking up the pieces and starting again in the US, Emma enrols in college with her cousin, Ashley. She is finally free to do what she wants and live how she chooses, and no man will ever rule her decisions or emotions again.

That is, until Scott Mason walks on stage...

Intense bad boy Scott is the lead singer of a popular local rock band. A ladies' man and Ashley's long-time friend, Scott holds an instant fascination for Emma - she finds herself drawn to him, even though he represents everything she hates and needs to stay away from in a guy. He treats females like he does a cigarette - light it, use it, and lose it.

For her cousin's sake, Emma makes an effort to get along with Scott, but she soon discovers that there is more to him than first appears, making him even more dangerous in her eyes. Behind the fa├žade of friendship, jealousy, obsession, fear and insecurity fester - an internal battle rages as she fights her attraction and does everything she can to stop history from repeating itself.

One thing she knows for sure is that if she breaks her rule, it may destroy her.


"Why do you sleep around so much?" I whispered, knowing full well that I had no right to ask.
His eyes widened and he looked up at the sky for a moment. "Why do you ask?" His voice was quiet.
"Ash told me that you've never had a girlfriend." Why was I talking about this with him?
He sighed before looking back down at me. "She told you that, but what she was really doing was warning you off me." He was looking at me seriously now.
"No," I lied, “she just told me." I looked away.
"I don't believe you, but I can understand her wanting to protect you, especially from me.” He shook his head. His tone had been serious but then he smiled softly at me.
I was momentarily stunned by him.
"You still haven't answered my question,” I reminded him gently.
“I…I’m not into relationships,” he shrugged as if it was nothing, but I knew he was lying.
"So, basically, you sleep around because you can get away with it and you think that having a girlfriend would hold you back and you'd get bored."
Very briefly, I saw his face crease with pain, but it happened so fast that I could have imagined it.
"Why? Were you thinking of applying for the position?" His grin was cheeky as he steered our conversation back onto safer ground.
I blushed. If only he knew how much I thought about him.
"Wow, is that a blush?" He looked surprised and then laughed loudly.
"Shut up!" I cringed as I punched his shoulder, my face burning hotter. "And no, I wasn't applying for anything, I'm seeing Adam, remember? I'm sort of taken,” I said proudly, holding my head high.
He sobered then and looked up again at the sky.
"He's lucky,” I thought I heard him say under his breath.
"I said, ‘he's lucky’. But if he treats you bad, he's going to turn unlucky real quick." He looked serious.

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  1. This sounds interesting - gotta love the "bad boy rocker" - they are such damaged souls. Thanks for the excerpt it was good