Monday, February 18, 2013

Review: Temptation's Touch

Title: Temptation's Touch              

Author: Cheryl Pierson

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Genre: romantic suspense

Length: 180 pages

Heat level: Spicy

Reviewer: Storm

Review rating: 4.5 LIGHTNING BOLTS

Blurb: Two broken hearts find a second chance at love, but only if they manage to survive--
When Kendi Morgan witnesses an attempted murder near her home one night, she makes the only choice possible: help the victim. But bringing the handsome stranger into her home traps her in the middle of a deadly drug war.
Wounded DEA agent Jackson Taylor is a man with nothing to lose and nothing to fear--until he falls for a beautiful woman who risked everything to save his life.
With his sting operation gone awry, Jackson realizes he is all that stands between Kendi and a powerful drug lord seeking revenge. Can their newfound love survive? Or will Jackson sacrifice his partner's life and his own in exchange for Kendi's safety and their future together?

Review: Every page is filled with emotion, angst, and danger.  It starts off with a bang and it only gets more intense from there.  Ms. Pierson's romantic suspense books have the power to draw the reader in and completely take them on a whirlwind journeythey won't soon forget. I've learned the hardway before, that when i pick up a suspense book from this author to make sure I have plenty of time to read. Temptation's Touch was a read in one sitting kind of book.  So full of surprises and stories that will bring the characters- Kendi and jackson, to a whole new level.

you want to talk about a tortued hero? Jackson fits that description to a T. Seriously, if he hasn't lived through enough already, I don't know when he will. At least when he meets Kendi, under the most unusual and painful circumstances, he has a shot at love. 

As For Kendi- she has no idea what's in store for her. There are some emotional surprises coming her way when she meets Jackson. But she is strong, feisty, and let's just say with her being behind the trigger of a gun, I would not want to cross this woman. But she has a fierce and loving heart, very welling to protect the things and people she cares about. 

I was swept away into this story. The one thing that I didn't find completely realistic was the time frame that Kendi and Jackson knew each other and yet fell in love. I suppose it's possible, but it just threw me for a loop a little. Regardless, i rooted for the pair and was at the edge of my seat in anticipation of what would come next. 

You've got to check this book out if you enjoy romantic suspense. Highly recommended! 

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