Friday, February 8, 2013

Review: His Prey

Title: His Prey

Author: D. F. Krieger

Publisher: Breathless Press

Genre: paranormal romance

Length: 14, 446 words

Reviewer: Tabitha

Review Rating: 3 LIGHTNING BOLTS

Blurb: Nyna is willing to be a sacrifice, but is she willing to make a sacrifice to keep his love?

Given as sacrifice to the Wahya to ensure the safety of her tribe, Nyna must prove that despite being prey, she is worthy of being the mate of a hunter. When a great threat shadows the Wahya and Awahi, Nyna has to choose between her courage to fight for what she loves, or her place in her husband's eyes.

Review: Nyna is an outspoken female that refuses to be meek and mild. Her people the Awahi are passive deer shifters that believe in living harmonious with the land they call home.

Atian is a strong hunter and next in line to lead the Wahya tribe. The Wahya are natural hunters and wolf shifters.

When these two are arranged to be married something magical happens. Nyna finds he likes that fact that she is a strong woman and embraces her strong ways.

This was a very creative short story that had a little bit of the paranormal, indian culture, and love in the mix. I would recommend this story to anyone that wants a quick and satisfying read.

Happy Reading,

Tabitha Blake

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