Thursday, January 31, 2013

Review: The First Night

Title: The First Night  

Author: Sidda Lee Tate

Publisher: Beachwalk Press

Genre: Contemporary erotic romance

Reviewer: Jen

Review Rating: 5 LIGHTNING BOLTS

Blurb:  Can the last place she needs to be become the first night of her forever?

She planned to meet her coworkers for drinks and be home in a few hours. Getting drunk and staying out all night was not an option. Not for Kayla Dobbs. Going to a bar was already pushing her limits. Between her full-time job and night classes, there was no time to spare for a social life, and certainly no time for a relationship. But when she meets Gannon, the sexy bartender whose hypnotic eyes seem to follow her every move, she wishes things could be different.

Although Kayla doesn't recognize him, Gannon knows exactly who she is—she was the one girl in high school he'd always wanted but had been afraid to pursue. He's changed a lot since high school though, and maybe now he has a chance at making that dream come true.

As she breaks free from her self-induced lifestyle of studying and work, Kayla realizes that no matter how concrete her life plan is, sometimes it only takes one night, one person, to alter it forever.

Content Warning: contains descriptive sex and strong language

REVIEW:  This is a beautiful, sexy story about two people who knew each other in the past, and fate eventually brings them back together nine years later. It begins when Kayla Dobbs, a night time student and full time worker who doesn't have a lot of time to "let her hair down" goes out with her friend to let off some steam at the local bar "Night." She locks eyes with a handsome bartender and they immediately have sparks flying between them.  Kayla can't figure out where she has seen him before, but she senses that there is something very familiar about him. Gannon, is the bartender/ owner of "Night" and he knows who Kayla is right away. She is the one who has brought him back to his home town after nine years of partying and trying to forget about his high school "crush".

This book takes the reader on a journey of two people discovering what passion is like when it is shared by two people who mean something to one another. I loved this story from the beginning right through to the end. The author did a great job of creating a story with a sizzling romance and one that I didn't want to put down for even a minute! I loved the characters and was able to relate to Gannon and what he went through having feelings about  Kayla and thinking he wasn't good enough for her during school. Then going from being a "nerd" to a "hottie" and yet still having those insecure feelings inside of himself, wondering if he is good enough for Kayla.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves steamy sex scenes and a beautiful romance thrown in between. It is a fast read but full of characters who readers can relate to and will be fully entertained by through to the very end. Sidda Lee Tate is an author that I will surely be on the look out for in the future when I would like an entertaining book to read!

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