Monday, January 21, 2013

Review: Alpha Chase

Title: Alpha Chase

Author: S J Thomas

Publisher: Breathless Press

Genre: Paranormal

Length: 25,363 words

Heat Level: Spicy

Review rating: 4.5 LIGHTNING BOLTS

Reviewer: Jen

Blurb: A terrible command, a brutal contest, and two wolves fighting for everything they hold dear. On the night of the Chase who will triumph?

When ordered to take a mate by the senior council of the pack, Alpha Lyssa Reine must obey—even though she knows she will lose her position and power if she submits to a male.

Although she has long desired her trusted Beta Brendt, Lyssa refuses to give up everything she has fought for and sets the challenge of the Chase; a violent, brutal contest for her and her title.

On the night of the Chase, Brendt makes a fateful choice. As the contest begins he and Lyssa must battle their mutual desire as they decide what they want and how far they will go to get it.

Review: I have to say that I really enjoyed this book and just wished that it was longer! The sex in it was sizzling and I fell into lust/love with Brendt!! (He can be my Alpha anyday!!)
Lyssa, who is Alpha of her pack; even though she is female, is approached by the senior council member and told that she must take a mate. She under no circumstance wants that so she decides to call for a "Chase". The "Chase" involves the Alpha males who would want to be Lyssa's mate and take over the pack. The alpha male who catches her and mates with her will then be in charge and then Lyssa will no longer be the alpha.
Brendt, who is Lyssa's Beta wolf (assistant/protector)has been in love with her for years. Once reality kicks in that the chase is going to happen, his instincts kick into high gear and demands that he fight for the right to be Lyssa's mate.
This story had great action scenes and was everything that I enjoy in a paranormal romance. I love it when the male becomes possessive of the woman that he is in love with, and when he needs to fight for the right to make her his. Brendt definately had to work hard for Lyssa; but it lead to explosive scenes that had me devouring the words of the page! This is a short story but I felt that it flowed nicely and didn't feel rushed or have information overload. I will be keeping my eye on any future stories from this author as I really enjoyed her style of writing and how she puts together and excellent read from start to finish

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