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Lia Davis interviews Nevan from Winter's Eve

Hello! Thank you, Nikki for having Nevan and me over today. We are excited to be here and share a little about Winter Eve and Nevan.

Lia: Hi, Nevan! Please share a little about you.

Nevan: Hello. I’m the lone human in a Pack of leopards and wolves, and now the Pack psychiatrist. *he shook his head and chucked*

Lia: Do they really need a shrink?

Nevan: *raises a brow at my word choice* I was given the job more for my empathic ability. I can assist with any member that may needs an emotional boost, or just need someone to hang out with.

Lia: So you just hang out?

Nevan: *Another raised eyebrow* You know the answer to that question.

Lia: *sighing* but the readers don’t. Humor me, will you? You’ve been hang out with Blaine too much. I thought you were supposed to influence the patient and not the other way around.

Nevan: *Threw his head back in laugher* There’s no hope for Blaine. He will always be a dominate alpha male.

Lia: Yes, I’m afraid so. Answer the question.

Nevan: ‘Hang out’ may not be the correct term. Shifters depend on the structure of the Pack, the emotions, the connections, the discipline and so on. By having lunch with one of them, I’m learning from them and giving them my trust. In time I won’t need to visit with everyone all the time.
*He pauses to study me*
You seem a little punchy. Do you need to talk about it?

Lia: *I offer him my best I-don’t-think-so smile* Shay’s getting cold feet, I think.

Nevan: *pressed his lips together, trying to hide his smirk from me. It was so not working* That’s right. You’re writing her story. Not going well?

Lia: It’s going great except…hey! I’m supposed to be interviewing you.

Nevan: *He shrugs* You’re more interesting.

Lia: No, I’m not. Are you like this with Dani?

Nevan: Like what?

Lia: *I studied his smirking face for a few moments, then noticed that he was playing.* Do the cats not like to play with you that you have to irritate me?

Nevan: I’m not irritating you.

Lia: *I’d ask how he knew, but he’s empathic* Last question and we must be going. How do you like living in the den?

Nevan: I like it. I love the diversity with the two different shifter Packs learning to live as one. Even though they’ve been together for thirty years, It’s been rough building the strength they have now and still building.

Lia: Yeah, Luna and Keegan are great Alphas. Thanks so much for coming and taking over my interview.

*Nevan laughed and kissed my cheek before leaving*

Thanks again, Nikki, for having me.

Dani and Nevan’s story is the prequel to my new series, Ashwood Falls. Below is more about Winter Eve and a short excerpt. Enjoy!

Title: Winter Eve, Ashwood Falls prequel    
Author: By Lia Davis
Genre: Paranormal Romance

There comes a time when setting your differences aside isn’t just necessary, it’s a means of survival. After losing over half of their dens to a group rogue shifters, the wolves and leopards merged as one Pack, but living together is much more of a challenge then they expected.

Danica Welsh was born to be the leopard pack healer. An accident involving a drug induced youth left her badly burned and scared—emotionally and physically. Without the ability to heal by touch, she secludes herself to the edge of town, away from Ashwood Falls’ overly concerned citizens. All hope of mating and family become a distance dream. When she finally starts to accepts the long, lonely existence ahead of her, a stranger crashes into her life, and her heart.

After Nevan Mathews’ fiancĂ©e died three ago, he submerged himself into his work, cutting off all reminders of a life he dreamed of with the woman he loved. He lets his step-mother talk him into taking the first vacation in five years to visit for the holidays. But an accident delays his travel plans, sending him to Danica’s doorstep and raises a need he thought he would never feel again.
Can they tear down the walls around their hearts and submit to the passion before another claims Dani for his own?

Warning: Contains a shifter who's scars run deeper than skin, a human who has the heart of a shifter, and a snow storm that's sure to have them both reaching for warmth.

Buy Links:

Movement to his right caught his attention, and he narrowed his eyes for a better look. A large leopard crouched, staring at him from the roadside. With eyes that reflected the full moon's light, the creature blinked and let out a soft growl before it turned to walk up a gravel driveway.
The animal was beautiful, scary, and its eyes held a hint of humanity. Could it be a were? Sarah hadn’t said anything about others living this far up the mountain. When the beast turned to look at him, he swore it wanted him to follow. He took a step forward, and the cat started walking again.
"Oh, great, Nev. You're being lead away by a cat, like Alice and that damn rabbit," he muttered to himself. No one would ever believe him. In fact, it was probably leading him to the den to share with the rest of the pack. Shaking his head at the ridiculous thought, he walked up the driveway. The cat sped up, running ahead much too fast for him. Then it darted into the woods a few feet from a single-story log cabin nestled into the surrounding trees. Another step caused a blinding light to click on, illuminating the front of the yard and the cabin. A few moments later, the door opened, revealing the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. She stepped out onto the large wide porch. Her straight silk-like strawberry blond hair cascaded over her shoulders and stopped at her waist. The light of the full moon cast against her pale skin made her look like a goddess.
"What can I do to help you?"
Her velvety smooth voice warmed his body and awoke a very specific part of his anatomy. It was several seconds before he found his voice and shook out of the trance she’d cast upon him. "I crashed my car and wondered if you have a phone. My cell doesn't get service up here."
"I don’t have a phone." Her gaze left him to search their surroundings and stopped as she glanced toward the dark sky as though she saw something he didn't, or couldn't, see. "But, come inside. You’ll freeze to death in the storm." She turned and walked back inside.
A single snowflake drifted in front of his face, landing on his nose.

Author Bio

Lia Davis is a mother to two young adults and two very special kitties, a wife to her soul mate, a paranormal romance author, graphic designer, and co-owner to Fated Desires Publishing, LLC. She and her family live in Northeast Florida battling hurricanes and very humid summers. But it’s her home and she loves it!

An accounting major, Lia has always been a dreamer with a very activity imagination. The wheels in her head never stop. She ventured into the world of writing and publishing in 2008 and loves it more than she imagined. Writing and designing are stress relievers that allow her to go off in her corner of the house and enter into another world that she created, leaving real life where it belongs.

Her favorite things are spending time with family, traveling, reading, writing, chocolate, coffee, nature and hanging out with her kitties.

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  1. Hi Nikki, thanks for interviewing Lia and Nevan......nice view as Nevan was leaving the room by the way. LOL.
    OMG...I just remembered, please don't tell Dani I said that Nevan has a great butt, she has really BIG claws!!
    On a serious note though, I'm hopelessly in love with this series already and can't wait for Book 1.
    Hey, Lia.....want to share one of those sexy shifters??

    1. There are a few single wolves and leopards in Ashwood Falls, for now at least. All of which have nice butts, and chest, and... Well you get the drift. LOL

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. The more I read about this book the more I want to read it. Thank you so much for the interview!! Thanks for giving us some more on Nevan!!