Friday, December 21, 2012

The Apocalypse with Bella Street

Psst--Today Is The Apocalypse. Are You Dressed For It? 

When it comes to apocalypse fashion, why does it often seem metallic and a little gray and utilitarian? 

Or weird and kooky?
And let's face it, how will the above examples help you outrun zombies or outwit aliens?  There's no imagination. No kangaroo pockets for Bowie knives or hand grenades. No hoody to protect against green blood or brain splatter. 
Until now. 

It's been recently determined that the perfect apocalypse outfit is the Juicy Couture pink velour tracksuit. Along with bio-protection and weapons concealment, the soft, designer fabric is also easy on a body exhausted by fighting for survival. And the cheerful pink color will not fail to lift spiritsfrom the gloom and doom of impending death.
On my personal blog, one lucky winner will win the grand prize of a Juicy Couture pink velour tracksuit, which is featured in my Science-Fiction Romance series Apocalypse Babes. So what are you waiting for? Today is the apocalypse!

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