Monday, December 17, 2012

Review: Cowboy Up

TITLE:  Cowboy Up                    

AUTHOR:  CJ England

PUBLISHER:  Musa Publishing

GENRE:  Contemporary Erotic Romance


LENGTH:  30,000 Words


Review Rating: 4 LIGHTNING BOLTS

BLURB: Sierra Rawlings loves to work, ride, and play hard, but it’s her hidden desire for neighbor, Dalton Grant, that really keeps her on her toes. But she needs her independence more and his habit of bossing her around is too much to bear.

Three years ago, Dalton thought he’d roped and gentled Sierra. One night of passion under the stars had him thinking of forever, but even as he made his plans, she ran from him, and he’d never been able to comprehend why.

The annual summer rodeo brings them together and their hidden desires flare hot. But just as they are beginning to understand each other, a dangerous opportunity arises, forcing Sierra and Dalton to learn a painful lesson about trust. It’s time for these two stubborn people to cowboy up and admit their feelings, before anger and a bull named Body Bag steal their last chance away.

It starts off with a bang (in more ways than one!), giving us story, background, chemistry…then we’re slammed with a whammy.  What starts off as something sweet and intense, turns into something sad when it seems Dalton is taking advantage of Sierra.  Then the story leaps forward from there.
There were times I thought Dalton was an idiot and should know Sierra better, and vice versa, but ultimately they work in their own occasionally dysfunctional way.  She’s a total firecracker and he’s a smooth talker, so together they’re pretty hot.  The ending at the rodeo was adorable, I think I even swooned!

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