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Interview with Pam and Roger from Jenna Jaxon's Almost Perfect

Good morning and welcome! I've got with me today two special guests- Pam and Roger, the hero and heroine from Almost Perfect, by Jenna Jaxon. I hope you'll help me make them feel welcome!

Hi Pam, Hi Roger! I'm so glad you could be here with me today! 

So tell me, how did you approach your author about your story? I'm well aware of how  those like you just pop up out of nowhere  

Pam: She was on the metro in DC, thinking about maybe writing a 1Night Stand story. I started whispering in her ear, told her something about my personality. She asked me who would be the one person to drive me crazy and I immediately said, “Roger, my ex.) After that it was a matter of getting it all down on the computer.

“Care to share a juicy detail about yourselves that we may not otherwise know about you? Oh, come. Let's call it a little game of truth.”  < Winks>

Roger: I love burned popcorn. It’s the only kind I know how to make. *looks from Pam to Nikki* You want juicier than that?

Pam: Don’t mind him, he’s a geek. Can’t help it. A juicy detail? Ummm, Roger usually goes commando.

Roger: PAM! What did you tell her that for? Now everyone will know. *looks at Nikki, pleading with puppy dog eyes* You don’t have to print that, do you, Ms. Barrett?

*Pam leans over and whispers in his ear. His face turns red.*

Roger: No! I knew we had this interview, so I put on some…*Looks at Nikki, smiles* Uh, do you have a question for Ms. Bigmouth here?

*Holding back a laugh*  Oh wow, you two. You crack me up. You remind me of me and my husband with the back and forth bantering and race to pick on each other. 

Is there a talent you wish you had, but currently don't have?

Pam: I really wish I had been an actress in the movies. To be able to work with all the stars and sort of be somebody else. I love the freedom they have in the movies. Not like real life.

Roger: I wish I could cook. I’m really tired of take out.

"Acting, if one has it, is a great a ability. They get to be someone else for awhile.  Hey Roger, I wasn't one for cooking but I'm slowly getting better. Just takes time, patience and prctive. I bet you could make it fun and worth learning. *Winks*
Without getting you in to trouble, either of you..what is your biggest turn off? 

Pam: Someone without a sense of adventure! *looks pointedly at Roger* Life is too boring without it.

Roger: Cruelty. Emotional, physical, or verbal. There’s just no excuse for it.

"I can definitely understand both responses. Definitely"

Biggest turn on”?

Roger: *looks pointedly at Pam* A sense of adventure. Nothing gets me hotter,

Pam: *A all teary eyed* Really? *Roger nods* Well, um, what turns me on is a man who is romantic. *glances away from Roger* Who sweeps you off your feet, like in the old movies--like Rhett and Scarlet on the staircase in Gone With the Wind.

Roger: *low voiced* That can be arranged, you know.

Pet peeve?”

Pam: People who think they know it all.

Roger: Not putting things back where they belong. I hate mess!

"Again, both good answers. I know quite a few people that act like they know it all. And I'm not one for a mess either. I put things in a specific place so I stay somewhat organized"

Other than loved ones and the absolutely necessities, what is one thing you can't live without?”

Pam: My movies. I cannot live without them. Period. End of story.

Roger: She’s not kidding. She goes into withdrawal.

Pam: Like you don’t? What if someone took away your…

Roger: Pam…

Pam: Cell phone. He sleeps with it under his pillow!

Roger: I’m on call a lot for the business, Pam.

Pam: Sure, you are.

"Uh oh... Okay, next question!" 

Favorite way to relax and wind down?”
Pam: Sit in front of a great movie with a bowl of unburned popcorn. Even better is to buy some from the movie theatre. Just stay in and watch movies all evening.

Roger: Playing the games I invented. They’re a lot of fun.

"Love me some popcorn! I HAVE to have it when I watch a movie!  Roger, you need to get with my husband. He's trying to start up a game, but it's a big task and no one else seems interested enough in helping him, and he really wants to work on it. "

Where is a place you'd love to travel to?”

Both together: Not the beach!

Pam: Mountains, maybe.

Roger: New York City--the busiest city in the world. And just think of all the technology there--needing applications.

"Well, you're sure adamant about the beach! *Laughs*

Biggest fear?”

Pam: *looks at Roger* Losing someone you love. And it’s your own fault.

“Do you have ANY idea what your author is working on next?  

Pam: Oh, yes. She’s finishing up some historicals--three or four I think--but no plans that I know of for any other works with us in them. I thought she liked us.

Roger: I think she’s got a plot for us hatching in the back of her head. *he grins at Pam* You think you’re the only one who can whisper in Jenna’s ear?

Pam: You whispered in her ear?

Roger: Shhhh. It’s a secret.
What good quality do you think you bring out in one another?” 

*They share a look.*

Both: Passion

Well, I know you both are busy, so I don't want to keep you all day, but is there anything you'd like to share?” 

Pam: Just to thank you, Ms. Barrett. These were very interesting questions. *stares at Nikki with evil look* Too interesting, if you ask me. *Looks at Roger who is smiling at Nikki* Don’t you agree, Roger? Roger? *Punches Roger in arm* We need to leave now.

*giggles* It wasn't that interesting. *Smiles* Thanks for stopping by! You all made me smile and laugh." 

Blurb for Almost Perfect:
Pamela Kimball’s birthday present, a 1Night Stand adventure, promises to jump-start her life, put a new man in her bed, and help her forget her past.  Unfortunately, movie-buff Pam’s Pirates of the Caribbean fantasy takes an alarming wrong turn when she’s abandoned on a not quite deserted island—with ex-husband Roger Ware. 

Forced by hunger to accept Roger’s offer of dinner,  Pam realizes the geek she married has transformed into one of the most charming, sexiest men she’s ever met. His newfound confidence—and hot body—re-kindle old fires. A simple kiss leads Roger to challenge her to discover how much his lovemaking skills have improved, leaving Pam torn between self-preservation and burning desire. 

With time running out before they’re rescued, Pam must decide if her heart can survive the consequences of becoming Roger’s “almost” perfect 1Night Stand.

Excerpt for Almost Perfect:

She inched into the lapping surf, searching for movement. Reflection off the water made this task harder than expected. Wasn’t the Caribbean supposed to be teeming with fish? Now that’s something she’d had a lot of instruction in. Almost every marooned-on-an-island movie had a scene where the heroine learned to catch fish. Six Days, Father Goose, Blue Lagoon. All you needed was your hands and patience. She could do this.
Pam waded out further then stopped just before the water hit her now dry shorts. “Not gonna to have a damp crotch all night.” The words reminded her of exactly what she had hoped for tonight. “But not from wet shorts!” She headed back to shore to remove and drape them next to her shirt. The bandeau was a different story. Still damp, even after several hours, and uncomfortable. Might dry better if not next to her skin anyway. “Screw it! Live dangerously.”
Standing as good as naked on the deserted beach, Pam smiled as the warm breeze caressed her bare body. The sense of being slightly naughty added to her delight in the sensual feel of the air as it dried her breasts. Her nipples peaked as the wind cooled them. She strutted down to the water’s edge to sink her toes in the sand, the salty tang in the air adding to the perfect moment.
“If you’re skinny dipping, you forgot to remove one very important piece of clothing.”
Pam whirled around. Roger stood on the beach behind her, a green bottle of Perrier in one hand. His gaze played up and down her naked torso and his salacious grin widened. “Mind if I join you?”

Jenna Jaxon is a multi-published author of historical  and contemporary romance who has been reading and writing historical romance since she was a teenager.  A romantic herself, Jenna has always loved a dark side to the genre, a twist, suspense, a surprise.  She tries to incorporate all of these elements into her own writing.
Jenna lives in Virginia with her family and a small menagerie of pets.  When not reading or writing, she indulges her passion for the theatre, working with local theatres as a director.  She often feels she is directing her characters on their own private stage. 
She has equated her writing to an addiction to chocolate because once she starts she just can’t stop.

Book Info:
Title: Almost Perfect (1Night Stand Series)
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Novella
Publisher: Decadent Publishing

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