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Interview with Mat and Vanessa from Kristina Knight's What a Texas Girl Needs

Happy Tuesday! I'm pleased to have on the blog with me Mat and Vanessa, the hero and heroine from Kristina Knight's What a Texas Girl Needs. Please help me make them feel welcome!

Hi Mat, Vanessa! Thanks for being here today. i'm glad we had a chance to hang out a little bit. 

“So tell me, how did you approach your author about your story? I'm well aware of how  those like you just pop up out of nowhere  

Vanessa - I was a little bit passive aggressive, I have to admit. While she was writing my sister's story, she thought she had me pegged as the spoiled, middle sister. Have to admit I liked that just a little bit – I mean, who doesn't want to be spoiled from time to time? But then I realized I wanted more than spoiling…so I kept tapping her on the shoulder, interrupting her work on other books and generally being an annoyance until she realized there was more to me than a socialite.
Mat : Thanks for that. I was quite happy before she got that wild hair about us making a great couple.Vanessa raises and eyebrow at him Okay, maybe content is the better word.
“Care to share a juicy detail about yourselves that we may not otherwise know about you? Oh, come. Let's call it a little game of truth.”  < Winks> 

Vanessa - I totally knew what I was doing that night with Mat. I wanted a moment out of time, I wanted to try my hand at something – actually, someone – who wasn't hand-picked as The Right Man for Vanessa. Of course, that night led to a life-changing event for me…but sometimes surprises are good thing. ;)
“Is there a talent you wish you had, but currently don't have?

Vanessa - This is funny. I always thought I didn't have any real talents. My sisters, Kathleen and Monica, have this amazing ability with horses. They're so talented. I always thought my only talent was accessorizing, but I've realized over the past few months that I have a green thumb. I'm experimenting in the garden right now, as a matter of fact!
“Without getting you in to trouble, what is your biggest turn off?

Vanessa: – Axe, that body spray stuff. In light doses I can see how it's nice…but I can't walk into a mall lately without running into at least one male who has bathed in the stuff. Gross!
Mat: Women who say one thing but mean another.
“Biggest turn on”?

  Vanessa– A man who knows what he wants and goes after it. There is nothing sexier than a man on a mission.
Mat Her. Hands down. She can be sick on the couch or made up for the fanciest ball in San Antonio. Vanessa gets me every time.
“Pet peeve?” Vanessa:  – People who don't look below the surface. Mat nods What she said.
“Other than loved ones and the absolutely necessities, what is one thing you can't live without?”    

 Vanessa: chuckles If you'd asked me this six months ago, I'd have said my credit cards. Now, I think the thing I can't live without is my place in this world. I have a purpose that I didn't have before and that is a freeing thing.
“Favorite way to relax and wind down?” – Vanessa: Sitting on the porch with Mat, listening to the radio and drinking iced tea. Mat: There is nothing better than a Texas sunset! Although, we don't do a lot of relaxing out on that porch…
“Where is a place you'd love to travel to?”  Vanessa:

 – I've been almost everywhere in the world…so has Mat. But we haven't seen a lot of placed together. I think we'll start with a nice, warm beach somewhere and see where life takes us!
“Biggest fear?” 

Vanessa:  – So many things! I'm not a fan of bulls, especially now that I've spent a little time around them. I hate spiders and most other things that crawl. And those Axe-boys I mentioned above? They freak me out. Do they not know the beauty of a shower?!?
“Do you have ANY idea what your author is working on next?

Vanessa:  nods I do. Now that she's put me and Kathleen through the wringer, she's dealing with Monica's story. And Monica, believe it or not, has a few more hang-ups than me! That book will be out next summer, look for it! 
“What good quality to you think you bring out in one another?”  Vanessa: – Mat gives me the confidence to really go after what I want. I was raised to be independent but I really had zero self-confidence pre-Mat.
Mat interrupts You're a lot stronger than you give yourself credit for, Van. As for her, she made me remember what fun it was to really go for things, put myself out there. We'll see where that leads us.
“Well, I know you both are busy, so I don't want to keep you all day, but is there anything you'd like to share?” Mat Here's a little peek into our story:
Blurb: What a Texas Girl Needs
Vanessa Witte is ready to finally claim her life. The middle of three daughters born into the Witte family - a powerful Texas name - she’s been content to float through life. Being dumped by her shady ex? A blessing in disguise. Having a one-night-stand with Matias Barnes? Not one of her more stellar moments. But she’s back in Lockhardt with a secret and a reason to start fresh: A baby.
Matias Barnes knows all about society women - it’s part of the reason he left his wealthy family behind and took a job on a ranch. He doesn’t like the endless string of parties, the inane conversation, or the gold-digging tricks those women have perfected. But that doesn’t stop him from wanting Vanessa Witte. Mat knows she’s so not right for him, but with her back in Lockhardt, can he resist her charms long enough to really let her go?

Author Bio:
Once upon a time, Kristina Knight spent her days running from car crash to fire to meetings with local police--no, she wasn't a troublemaker, she was a journalist. When the opportunity to focus a bit of energy on the stories in her head, she jumped at it. And she's never looked back. Now she writes magazine articles by day and romance novels with spice by night. She lives on Lake Erie with her husband and three-year-old daughter. Happily ever after.
Find Kristina online:


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