Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Guest Blogger: Madison Daniel

Guest Blog   

Fire and Water

My name is Madison Daniel and I am the author of Ember Series. It is an epic love story told over the span of 6 books. Every book is wrapped in music, emotions and the elements. My main character is referred to as a “FIRE-STARTER.”

His name is Max Valentine and he possesses the fire of a 1000 suns and the temper to use it. He is haunted by his elemental power, but tries his hardest to embrace the gift/curse he has been given. As he finds himself on the exotic island of Maui, he discovers a powerful and undeniable love. Her name is Asia Michaels.

Asia is as beautiful as she is deadly. She is Max’s polar opposite. A broken hearted and troubled RAINMAKER. With the power to harness a storm with only her emotions, Asia is Max’s exact opposite. The two different powers repel and compliment each other. This makes their relationship complicated.

To round out the cast of my series we have the emotional weight of the story, her name Samantha Summers. The island girl next door, Sam, might be Max’s soulmate and she challenges him with that truth every chance she gets. Her confidence and quiet strength make for an epic love triangle.

The readers have already started the competition between TEAM ASIA and TEAM SAM. So far, I’d say it is equally divided. Both sides are very vocal, very enthusiastic. I love that about the fans!

Book 2, Downpour is now out and ready for you to enjoy. Embrace your young heart. Believe in the adventure of forever love. Get lost in the sights and sounds that make up the Ember Series.


Who would you choose?” ~ M

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