Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas fun with Darynda Jones

Please help me welcome Darynda Jones to the blog today! Hi Darynda!! *Waves*
 I'm so glad to have you with us today.
Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to hang out and answer my questions 

 What is your favorite thing about the holiday season?

Honestly? The decorations. I love Christmas decorations,
 and yet I rarely decorate anymore myself. I’m like a Scrooge
 who profits from the work of others. So to everyone who decorates, thank you!

What is your best Christmas memory?

Sitting under the Christmas tree with my brothers and sister,
 watching the lights twinkle and reflect off the colored bulbs.
 The anticipation of Christmas makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

What is your favorite gift ever received?

The company of family and friends.

What is your favorite gift you've given?

I gave one of my brothers an Xbox a couple of years ago and I 
thought he was going to cry. 
It was the greatest thing! I lurve my siblings.

What are some of your traditions?

We get together every year on Christmas Eve with my siblings and exchange gifts. 
I love it. We rarely spend Christmas day together anymore.
 Everyone has the families they married into and such, so Christmas Eve
 is really special. 
But on Christmas day we do dinner with my husband’s family, 
whom I love like the dickens. It’s always so much fun.

What is the most creative gift you've ever given?

I did poetry/art books one year because I couldn’t afford presents.
 Trust me when I say empty pockets spawn creativity.

Most creative gift ever received?

One of my BFF’s gave me a sketchbook of her art one years.
 It was simply gorgeous and I’ve cherished it since.

How early do you start listening to Christmas music?

Usually around Thanksgiving. I love Christmas music!

When do you decorate?

Ahem, see previous answer. I’m awful.
 It just seems like I’m so busy every year, I just can’t find the time,
 and this year I have a book due, so no decorating for me. 
I used to could get my sons to do it, but they are older and have caught on. Darn it.

Do you love to read Christmas stories?

I love Christmas stories, but I LOVE Christmas romances.
 I wait for them all year.

Favorite holiday song?

That would be a tossup between Do You Hear What I Hear
 and Ring Christmas Bells. 
And then there’s Silent Night and the Little Drummer Boy. Gah!

Favorite holiday movie?

Another tossup between It’s a Wonderful Life and Love Actually.

What is your Christmas wish this year?

To meet my deadline for Fifth Grave. :) 
No, I just wish for everyone to have a wonderful Christmas.

Is there anything you'd like to add?

Just thank you so much for having me!

Thank you for being here with me today!


  1. Great interview. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Fun interview! And Yes I hope Darynda meets her deadline too so we can get the next Charlie book:)

  3. Awesome interview. Love your famliy traditions, Darynda. Here's to all our Christmas wishes coming true!

  4. Hi Darynda, we watch It's a wonderful Life every year. Merry Christmas.

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