Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Review: Roar!

TITLE:  Roar!  

AUTHOR:  Mariposa Cruz

PUBLISHER:  The Wild Rose Press

GENRE:  Paranormal Romance

HEAT LEVEL:  Sensual

LENGTH:  68 Pages



Blurb: Focused on the bottom line, corporate paralegal Linda Underwood answers to no one. Her world is torn apart when a bear shifter turns her romantic weekend rendezvous into a desperate struggle to stay alive. Now a recently-turned shifter herself, she is determined to beat the affliction by ignoring her newly awakened beastly impulses.
After the accidental death of his wife, shifter Flynn Cromwell finds solace in a remote mountain cabin, immersed in his computer network security work. When he discovers Linda’s ravaged body near the brink of death, he’s compelled to protect her.
Can Flynn save Linda from her own stubborn nature and defend her from a vicious shifter with a taste for her blood? Can Linda soothe the beast within, even the score with her maker, and gain Flynn’s trust as well his heart?

I don’t know if it’s because I was reading a review copy, but the formatting was confusing right from page 1.  There was the heading of “Prologue” and then never another heading throughout the entire book.  Sometimes a point of view shift was abrupt further adding to the confusion; I was once halfway through a paragraph before I realized I wasn’t seeing through the same person’s eyes anymore.  Another big issue for me was also that I couldn’t tell whether the world at large knew about shifters and vampires or anything until the past few pages.  A consistency problem in the writing, particularly with tenses doesn’t help with any points of confusion either.
The story was good, consisting of multiple conflicts and I enjoyed the characters for the most part.  What I didn’t like was that this appears to be a book 2, and it does not stand very well on its own because some of the conflict stems from past events.  I often felt like I’d missed something because of references made to things that don’t happen in this book.  There is some romance (the physical aspect of which mostly happens “off-screen”), both between the couple from the last book and the couple that is the focus of this one, but while one feels hearty, the other feels rushed and a little 2-dimensional.
Overall, I like the community and some of the characters, and there were some funny moments and some endearing ones, but ultimately the story just doesn’t flow very smoothly or have a natural feel to it.

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  1. Sounds like this has problems all the way around - I don't like feeling like I'm missing part of the plot. Thanks for the review