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Review: Driving Force

Title: Driving Force        

Author: Jo Andrews

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Level: Hot

Rating: Five Lightening Bolts

Reviewer: Jen

Blurb: Sierra Wallace hates Ian Raeder for making her teenage years a misery with his mockery and constant teasing. But he’s so damn hot! Just the sight of him turns her insides to molten lava. Ian’s hunger for Sierra is driving him insane. But he’s a Shifter, a leopard in his other form, and she’s human. He has to stay away from her.

When enemy Shifters invade Wade County, Colorado, Sierra and Ian are caught in the crossfire. As they fight to keep each other alive in a war that threatens to destroy every Shifter in the county, barriers tumble. The driving force of their long-suppressed passion explodes into sheet-scorching animal lust. In the torrid nights that follow, they discover that their firestorm of love and desire is far more devastating to them than any war.

This book starts of with Sierra Wallace trying to avoid being seen by the hot and sexy Ian Raeder. She has known him since her early teens when she was just an awkward young girl and Ian was four years older and the town “playboy”. He use to tease her mercilessly and she can’t stand him because of it. Little does she know that once she grew into her body, Ian began to fall in love with her. Sierra, deep down is attracted to him as well but she will never admit it.
Later on when Sierra is at her isolated home, there is a thump at the door and it ends up being Ian who is injured very badly. Ian is in terrible shape and doesn’t realize he is bringing trouble to her doorstep by seeking her help. Secrets are revealed, and to Sierra’s surprise, Ian is a leopard and she is not only in the middle of a shape shifter war, but one of the prime targets. Once Ian recuperates he insists on protecting Sierra in his own home where there is better defence. Not only does he protect her but sparks fly as time goes on and feelings become involved. Will Ian be able to protect Sierra from their enemies? Will their lust turn into more than just passion?
I was immediately captivated by this story from page one. Even though there was tension between Sierra and Ian, there was also a yearning from both sides; which made me root for them from the very start. The action in this book began from the first time Ian was hurt and continued throughout the story right to the end. The fight scenes were well thought out, very detailed and full of excitement. Many times I was on the edge of my seat during a fight and fully invested in the outcome. I liked the fact that Sierra accepted Ian for what he was right from the get go and she was extremely loyal to him as well as very protective. She went to bat for him several times, even though she was just a human and up against shape shifters who could have squashed her like a bug! It didn’t stop her and I had high respect for her because of that. Ian earned that loyalty though, because he also was very loyal. Yes, he had been the town playboy in the past, but most of that was because he was trying to mask his feeling for Sierra. Once they accepted their passion for each other and became intimate his feelings for her came to the forefront and there was no looking back for him. He loved her and would have done anything for her. I love alpha males that are like that. I had the hots for Ian right from the beginning! He was one sizzling leopard, and he had the whole package!
The passion between this couple was off the charts, smoking hot!! I had to fan myself several times while reading the love scenes and there were many to choose from. They were very thorough, detailed and just the way I like them. The other part about this story that I loved was the other characters. There were many and I wouldn’t be surprised if Jo Andrews continues this story with a series. There are a few of the other shape shifters that were introduced that I would love to read about in the future. A big “bear” of a man comes to mind as someone whom I would for sure be interested in seeing more of!!
I was pleasantly surprised with this author and her world of shape shifters that she created. She will be on my auto buy list for sure in the future. I highly recommend this book to anyone who not only loves a steamy romance but a story with lots of action and characters that you can’t help but fall in love with.

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