Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Interview with CH Admirand

  1. Tell me about yourself, and your writing.
    CA: I believe in love-at-first-sight and happily-ever-after. I married the man I fell in love with at-first-sight when I was seventeen and he was twenty…we’ve been married for 33 years and became grandparents for the first time last year. Life is full of ups and downs, but good! I’ve always loved writing poetry and short stories, but it wasn’t until I ran out of books to read (and re-read) that my husband suggested that I write one of my own. It hadn’t ever occurred to me before, but once the idea took hold it was as if a window had opened and a blast of fresh air blew through to my soul…and all of these voices of characters started talking to me. The ideas were just there…obviously it is a gift that had been waiting for me to acknowledge or recognize it and start using it, sharing it with others. I use family names in all of my books, beginning with my first book THE MARSHAL’S DESTINY: I used my great grandmother’s name—Margaret Mary Flaherty—and the cameo of her on the cover…the same one that sits on our mantelpiece :-)
  2. How long have you been writing? How many published books do you have, and what genres?
    CA: Years…my seventh grade English teacher sparked the creative writing bug in my and I’ve been writing ever since. A WEDDING IN APPLE GROVE is my 14th novel; I’ve published 8 short stories, and will be releasing my first digital Western Romance comic in March 2013 and cannot wait to see it in print in April for the Graphic Novel & EBook Expo at RT in Kansas City, Mo. I started out writing historicals: my Irish Western Series is set in late 1870s Colorado, I have a Medieval trilogy set in 11th Century Northumbria, and a Regency-era Historical. Now I do have a time travel that is still in the box under my bed…maybe I’ll get to revise that one soon. It was pure chance that I started writing contemporary romance, but I am thoroughly enjoying it!
  3. Are you a plotter or do you write from the seat of your pants?
    CA: I usually plot. I used to write in depth synopses: 20 pages or so, but then realized I needed to save some of that inspiration and energy for the book itself. Now I usually write a synopsis of 5 to 10 pages. My characters typically change the course of the synopsis anyway, soooo there isn’t a point in going crazy it.
  4. Who do you love to read? Favorite authors, favorite books?
    CA: I love to read romance: historical, contemporary, inspirational, paranormal. Hmmm…favorite authors: Nora Roberts, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Julie Garwood, Christina Skye. Favorite books:
    Born in Ice by Nora; Night Play by Sherrilyn, Ransom by Julie, and The Hour of the Rose by Christina :-)
  5. What is something you'd like to accomplish in your writing career next year?
    CA: I would love to make it to one of the lists: USA Today, New York Times; see my books in a book club, i.e., Rhapsody Book Club, etc. and be nominated for a RITA—hey if you’re going to dream…dream big…and if you are going to work…work hard toward those goals—that’s just IMHO.
  6. If you could keep a mythical/ paranormal creature as a pet, what would you have?
    CA: I wouldn’t keep them as pets per se, because they most definitely are not, but I’d love to be able to see the faeries that I know live in our yard. We have lots of flower beds, trees, all of which would make lovely faerie bowers…but I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing one yet…
  7. Tell us a little about your latest release.
    CA: A WEDDING IN APPLE GROVE is the first book of my new Small Town USA series for Sourcebooks—my second series for them. The Mulcahy sisters have taken over their family business when their dad retired—their handyman business…these women know how to use power tools and aren’t afraid to get dirty…well except for the youngest sister, Grace, she prefers to stay clean and keep the office running via computer and phone. :-) Love is always in the air in Apple Grove and the proof is painted in John Deere Green on the town’s bright yellow water tower. Meg Mulcahy has all but given up hope of seeing her name up there…until she meets Dan Eagan and falls into his arms—literally when she falls off the top of the fence rail she’s walking on!
  8. What are some of your other hobbies outside of writing?
    CA: I love to read romances, play in the dirt in our gardens, bake (I have a killer pie crust recipe), babysit our grandbaby, and spend time with our family.
  9. Favorite color?
    CA: Kelly Green
  10. Weather: Hot or cold?
    CA: Cool … as in Springtime or Fall.
  11. Favorite place to read?
    CA: Curled up in bed, leaning against the window in our loft.
  12. Favorite meal?
    CA: Chili dogs from Paul’s Place…but if you’re talking sweet things: Sweet Potato Praline Pie—I have a killer recipe for that, too!
  13. Favorite non-alcoholic drink?
    CA: Earl Grey Tea with a splash of milk and dash of honey.
  14. If you could travel anywhere and do anything, no limits or money holding you back, where would you go?
    CA: Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.

    Thank you for being here today, CH. I appreciate you answering my questions! 


He's not so sure about small town life.
She can't imagine living anywhere else.

Welcome to Apple Grove, Ohio (population 597), where everyone has your best interests at heart, even if they can't agree on the best way to meddle. When the townsfolk of Apple Grove need handiwork done, there's no job too small for the Mulcahy sisters: Megan, Caitlin, and Grace.

Specializing in hard work and family loyalty, tomboy Meg Mulcahy has left behind any girlhood dreams of romance. Enter newcomer Daniel Eagan, looking to bury his own broken heart and make a new start. He's surprised-and delighted-by the winsome girl with the mighty tool belt who shows up to fix his wiring.

But Dan's got a lot to learn about life in a small town, and when Meg's past collides with her future, it may take all 595 other residents of Apple Grove to keep this romance from short-circuiting.

Praise for A Wedding in Apple Grove:
A terrifically fun read... With quick dialogue and a homey feel, this is a wonderful book to curl up with. Small-town romance at its best!” —RT Book Review, 4 Stars
Raw charm... one to read.” —Publishers Weekly

Sexy and fun... Admirand’s series will be popular, especially with fans of Susan Wiggs and Janet Chapman.” —Booklist

C.H. ADMIRAND was born in Aiken, South Carolina, but grew up in New Jersey. She has been delighting readers with her Secret Life of Cowboys Series, featuring three cowboy brothers with Irish charm, and is now working on the next books in her small town contemporary romance series, featuring the town and quirky characters of Apple Grove, OH. She lives with her husband, who is the inspiration for all of her heroes’ best traits, in New Jersey. For more information, please visit www.CHAdmirand.com.


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  1. Thanks so much for inviting me to be interviewed at Storm Goddess Book Reviews:) I'm in the 'read-through' phase of copyedits for the next book in this series ONE DAY IN APPLE GROVE, so I'll be popping in throughout the day. :)

  2. CH is a great writer. I can't wait to get my hands on this one. Of course buying it at a conference I get it signed. Much success with this new series. Mktggenius@aol.com lori

  3. Hi LoriMarie! Thank you for the lovely compliment :) I had to stop the read through of the copyedits for book 2 to clean before our darling grandbaby arrived...and right now Jameson scampered away with one of baby Jack's stuffed animals....every time Jameson chomps on it...it meows.

  4. Small town romances are always a treat to read. I feel like I'm getting to know not just the main couple but their families and friends as well. It wonderful that you have written in so many genres, many of which I enjoy. The research for the different time periods must be interesting!