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Interview with Ashley and Hunter from 7 Days of Seduction

Hi, and welcome! I've got a very fun interview today!   I love it when characters come out to play....Come on and meet Ashley and Hunter from 7 Days of Seduction, by Jenna Jaxon! 

Hi Ashley, Hunter...Welcome! Make yourself comfortable!

“So tell me, how did you approach your author about your story? I'm well aware of how  those like you just pop up out of nowhere  

Ashley:  Well, I got drunk and slept with a really hot guy and my ex-boyfriend and didn’t remember a thing.  Just like in the Katy Perry song, “Last Friday Night.”  That’s kind of how I got Jenna to write my story.  She said it intrigued her because she wasn’t much of a party person.  She could let her imagination run wild and live vicariously through me!

ME: I love it when a song is inspirational. Music has that affect. :)

“Care to share a juicy detail about yourselves that we may not otherwise know about you? Oh, come. Let's call it a little game of truth.”  < Winks>

Hunter:  Well, if you’ve read the book, you know I’m game for anything.  At least once.  I’ve even flirted with the idea of a MMF hookup with Ashley and somebody else.  *Looks at Ashley*  Not Sam.

Ashley:  Definitely not Sam.

ME:  Sounds like we just never know what's going to happen with you two..

“Is there a talent you wish you had, but currently don't have?

Ashley:  A talent?  Hmmm.  I think I’d like to be able to cook gourmet meals.  *Winks at Hunter*  Food can be so…sexy.

ME: gourmet meals...Ahh yes. Food is a way to a man's....stomach..and apparently, other things to these days

“Without getting you in to trouble, either of you....what is your biggest turn off?

Ashley:  Wimpy guys.  Had too many of those.  I like a little forceful in my life.

Hunter:  A woman who drinks.  Drunk and out of control can only lead to disaster.  *glances at Ashley*   Well,  99.9% of the time.

ME: I can understand that. On both responses.

“Biggest turn on”?

Ashley:  A smokin’ hot body. *eyes Hunter’s six-pack abs through his polo shirt*  Yep.  That’s it.

Hunter:  A woman who’s open to experimentation of any type--food, activities, sex.  I like things “colorful.”  If she’s game, I’m gonna be all over her.  *grins*

“Pet peeve?”

Ashley:  Guys who leave the toilet seat up.

Hunter:  Girls who won’t let me be a gentleman.  *winks*  I’m into opening doors.

ME: I live in a house full of guys, Ashley....I refuse to even use the hall bathroom. LOL

“Other than loved ones and the absolutely necessities,  what is one thing you can't live without?”

Ashley:  A challenge.  I need someone or something to challenge me or I get bored.

Hunter:  Books.  I read and write constantly.

ME: I know so many people that need a challenge, Ashley. I totally understand that. And Hunter- so with you on books!  On the reading AND writing part!

“Favorite way to relax and wind down?”
Ashley:  Out on the porch there’s a huge freestanding hammock.

Hunter:  We like to go out there in the evenings, around twilight, and curl up together.

Ashley and Hunter:  Naked.

ME: I want a hammock in my backyard.....

“Where is a place you'd love to travel to?”

Hunter:  Australia

Ashley:  France.

“Biggest fear?”

Hunter:  Losing Ashley.  *reaches over and takes Ashley’s hand*  Life is so fragile.  It’s gone in a blink.  I fear that most.

ME: Isn't that the truth, Hunter.

“Do you have ANY idea what your author is working on next?  

Ashley:  Yeah, she’s working on those damned historicals she likes so much.  Two of them, in fact.  Betrothal, a medieval novella.  *makes a face*  Yuck!  And another 18th century one, Only Marriage Will Do.  She really needs to concentrate more on the 21st century.

Hunter:  Don’t worry.  She’s got a little gem of an idea in the back of her head for us.  For next Christmas.  Called “Seduction in Toyland.”  *grins*  I peeked--and I can hardly wait!

ME: Sounds like she's pretty regardless!

“What good quality do you think you bring out in one another?”

Ashley:  Trust.  We’ve learned to trust each other with the things most important to us.

ME: That's a very important one. Without trust, things aren't always the best...

“Well, I know you both are busy, so I don't want to keep you all day, but is there anything you'd like to share?”

Hunter:  Just to thank you, Nikki, for this great interview.  *winks at her*  If you ever want to come join us for dinner or…anything, just call us.  I’m sure something “colorful” could be arranged.

ME: Clears throat. I'll keep that in mind. Thank you for the invitation, Hunter...

Blurb for 7 Days of Seduction:
Ashley Thompson had a wild time at her party last Friday night. Maybe too wild. She wakes to find a video of her in the middle of a ménage a trois with her ex-boyfriend and a gorgeous stranger. Unable to remember anything about the night, other than the hot sex she sees on the computer screen, Ashley begins a search for Mr. Hunk. She has no luck until he unexpectedly shows up–in her shower.
Hunter Hopewell intends to introduce Ash to a variety of sexual experiences he finds fun and exciting. He proposes a week long series of “colorful” encounters designed to seduce Ashley out of her kink comfort zone.
As their week of escalating pleasure intensifies, Ashley must choose to let go of her inhibitions or risk losing the best damn lover she’s ever had.
Excerpt for 7 Days of Seduction:

The bathroom door opened and closed. Her hands froze.
"Damn it, Sam. Why is it every time I take a shower you have to pee? Couldn't you just hold it for once? Or pee in a cup, for God's sake?"
"I'm not Sam. And I don't have to pee."
Ashley's eyes popped open and the bottle of body wash hit the tub with a loud thunk. The husky voice she'd heard on yesterday's video and in this morning's dream was richer in person. Sexier. Her heart took off like a deer after a shotgun blast. She peered at the shower door, seeing only a shadowy figure through the opaque glass. Well thank, God, for that. He couldn't see her either.
"Hello? Are you there, Ash?" The amusement in his tone brought her back to earth.
"Yeah, I'm here. And just who the hell are you?"
"I'm Hunter Hopewell. Sorry we didn't really get introduced the other night."
"No shit." Damn. The all-important name meant nothing. The spray from the shower roared in her ears and Ashley took a step toward the shower door.
"So who are you? I mean, you say Hunter Hopewell, but I don't know you. And you know me."
"Yes, I do. I've never met you, but I've been interested in you for a while now."
Despite the hot water, chills raced over her body, standing her hair on end. Oh, my God. A stalker. I've attracted a stalker. And I'm shut in a bathroom with him. Suddenly, she couldn't breathe.
"You work over in English at the university." He knew where she worked. "And I've seen you around the campus." He'd been watching her.
She wrapped her arms around her chest, shielding her body as best she could. Maybe Sam would come in.
"You're a beautiful girl, Ashley. With lots of potential."
Potential for what? Needing to breathe or pass out, she gasped in air.
"I think you should leave." Where the balls came from to utter that sentence, she had no idea.
"Why?" His voice rose an octave.
"Because you're scaring the crap out of me."

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Author Bio:

Jenna Jaxon is a multi-published author of historical and contemporary romance.  She is currently finishing revisions to Betrothal, the first book in the Time Enough to Love series. Her Georgian novel, Only Scandal Will Do, the first in a series of five interconnecting novels, was released in July 2012. Work on the second book of the series, Only Marriage Will Do, has begun. Her third full-length novel, As Long As You’re Mine, set in Victorian London and Richmond, Virginia is currently out to an agent.

Jenna has been reading and writing historical romance since she was a teenager.  A romantic herself, she has always loved a dark side to the genre, a twist, suspense, a surprise.  She tries to incorporate all of these elements into her own stories. She lives in Virginia with her family and a small menagerie of pets.  When not reading or writing, she indulges her passion for the theatre, working with local theatres as a director.  She often feels she is directing her characters on their own private stage. 
She has equated her writing to an addiction to chocolate because once she starts she just can’t stop.
Twitter: @Jenna_Jaxon


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