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Spotlight: Star Crash and Star Raiders by Elysa Hendricks

When Planet of the Apes meets Star Trek what's a girl to do?

After recon pilot Cora Daniels crash lands on an alien planet she finds herself a prisoner of the Flock: a race of birdlike humanoids. Trapped in their zoo she discovers they intend her to mate. To breed. To be part of their human herd.

She's placed in a cage with a man - a powerful, virile man, but not just any man - Alexander. Was he her lost love, who'd disappeared so long ago? Here he was: naked, glistening, a warrior trained by the Flock to fight for their amusement. How could the brilliant man, the tender lover she remember have become this animal born to dominate and destroy? Was he a pawn of the Flock or would their flight to freedom be a long-sought reunion?
Excerpt from Chapter Two
Relaxed and nearly asleep, Cora didn't object as Matron had her lie down on a mat next to the tub. Eyes closed in contentment, she knew she should put a stop to this; instead she sighed with enjoyment when Matron began to massage her with fragrant oil. Again, the thought that she was being drugged crossed her mind, but again she didn't care. With each stroke energy and vigor suffused her body. The bruises and aches from the beating by the guards and her time in the pen faded from the mind-blurring effect of the water and cream.
As the oil seeped into her skin, heat built between Cora's thighs. A need to fill the emptiness inside her started to grow. She squirmed at the long forgotten sensation. She opened her eyes to fight off the feeling and prepare herself for whatever came next, somehow doubting she was going to enjoy the next chapter as much as this one.
"Come," Matron said.
As much as she wanted to refuse, Cora found she lacked the will to fight. She followed Matron down a narrow corridor into another room.
Matron left and Cora stood on a well-padded floor of an octagonal room about ten feet across. The walls and ceiling were made of panels of a material that reflected her naked image back at her from all angles. The effect was dizzying and disturbing. But it was the feeling of being watched that made her skin crawl.
She studied her reflection. Tall and well-proportioned, she wasn't ashamed of her body, just not used to parading around naked. Her breasts stood high and proud, her waist was narrow, her hips rounded but not fat. Her nipples were taut with expectation, but of what she didn't know.
Her hair lay soft and damp against her shoulders. Her skin looked and felt smooth from the residue of oil Matron had rubbed on her. She shivered in remembered pleasure; her nipples grew tighter and moisture slicked her sex. She squeezed her knees together, but that didn't stop the growing ache of emptiness.
Whatever was in that cream or oil had heightened her physical responses, and she didn't want to like it. Letting Matron touch her had been a mistake. It had awakened needs she'd suppressed. For the last six years this hadn't been an issue in her life, but now forbidden memories flared to light. Alexander had enjoyed her body, as she'd enjoyed his, but their time together had been too brief. He was dead, vanished on that deep space exploration, and she'd shut down her libido, closed off her heart and devoted herself to her career. Her colleagues, both male and female, would never believe how the sight of her own naked body was turning Cora on. She barely believed it herself.
What a time to get horny! For all she knew she was about to be fed to whatever passed for lions on this planet, all for the amusement of the Flock. Somehow, she doubted what they had in mind for her would be that easy. The soft lighting and the padded floor, along with the sexually stimulating bath and massage, warned her what was truly coming.
Heaven only knew what kind of creature they intended to mate her with. Against her will, the image of the man from the compound popped into her mind. Her belly tightened. She tried to summon anger. Even fear would work. Instead, all she felt was anticipation.
She paced the perimeter of the room, her need for release growing with every step, with every movement. Her genitals felt swollen and hot, her breasts heavy. The Earth drug companies would pay dearly for whatever the hell the Flock had used on her. Only the sense that she was being watched kept her from touching herself and relieving the increasing ache.
What did it matter? At this rate, as long as it had a hard dick, she'd ravage whatever abomination entered the room. Reason melted away beneath wave after wave of need. Cora sank to her knees and clasped her hands over her bent head. "What are you doing to me?"
A subtle snick of sound and the enticing aroma of warm male flesh told her she was no longer alone.
The fear that wouldn't come to her aid before now blossomed in her. She knew that she should look up, should brace herself for an attack, but she couldn't make herself move. When she found herself quaking like an untried virgin, anger usurped her fear. She sprang up and turned to face whatever the Flock had sent her.
Shock froze her.
It wasn't his obvious human form. His rugged good looks. The many scars that marred his muscular bronze body. The fact that he was the man she'd seen in the compound. It wasn't even his impressive male equipment, unhampered by any scrap of clothing.
Her gaze riveted on his face--his familiar, beloved face.
"Alexander," she whispered. And for the first time in her life, she fainted.
Like two ill-aligned stars, Shyanne Kedar and Greyson Dane were destined to collide. She was a smuggler’s daughter, and he, an interstellar lawman. Their affair was scorching, dazzling…and ended like a supernova, in a blaze of betrayal.

Ten years later, the flames haven’t cooled. Shyanne’s lush body, the twist of her lips and the fire in her eyes—all radiate the same magnetism that ensnared Greyson before, and now he’s truly her prisoner. But as much as things have changed, they remain exactly the same. Danger threatens. Humanity’s fate hangs in the balance. And though his tempting captor doesn’t know it, if Greyson’s plan succeeds, it will save mankind…and lose him the only woman he ever loved. This time, forever.
STAR CRASH - Excerpt:
"Are you sure this is what you want?" Greyson asked. Despite his obvious arousal, he was leaving the decision to her. It would have been easier if he'd taken command. This way left her no excuse.
His question increased her apprehension. Want? No. Shy didn't want him. After all the pain and grief, how could she? No, she didn't want this. She needed it.
"Yes," she said.
A small smile touched his lips. He took a step toward her.
When she tensed, he placed his palm against her cheek and looked into her eyes. "Trust me. I won't hurt you."
Looking into his eyes, she wanted to believe him. Wanted to feel what she'd felt all those years ago: pure, innocent love, untarnished by lies or deceit. But that time was long gone. Those feelings were long dead, the people who'd felt them long discarded. Whatever they shared now could be only physical. Lust: Yes. Sex: Hell, yes. Trust? Hell, no.
She stood in silent anticipation as he peeled away her clothing. She shivered. Not from the cool air swirling over her bare skin, but from the heated look in his dark eyes. Her breasts swelled. He leaned forward and captured one hard nipple between his lips and sucked. Wet heat sizzled through her. Her knees buckled. To keep from falling, she grabbed his shoulders then gasped as he swung her into his arms and deposited her on the exam table.
He crawled up and over her. His cock brushed against the inside of her thigh where, slick and hot, moisture gathered. Desire churned in her belly.
She reached up and pulled his mouth to hers. Their tongues tangled in a silent battle, and she realized her control was an illusion. Under the assault of his hands, lips and tongue, rational thought deserted her. His lips left hers to trail down her throat. She arched her neck to grant him access. Breath shuddered out of her as he rolled one aching nipple between his fingers and sucked the other into his mouth. The suction sent frissons of long forgotten sensation coursing through her, like the tiny bubbles in effervescent wine they tingled in her veins.
Need built the pressure inside her, need dammed up without release. Her skin felt super-sensitized. Greyson stroked his fingertips down her chest and belly and explored the indent of her navel. Lower, he combed through her damp curls. One finger moved past the hair and delved into the slick folds.
When he circled her clit, the surge of energy from the brief touch jolted her and she gasped. He tried to pull his hand away, but she grasped his wrist and held him there. She felt him grin against her breast.
Twisting her body, she flipped him onto his back, then rose on her knees and straddled his hips. Air cooled the heat on her breast, but the feel of his hard cock pressing against her pubic mound sent a surge of heat into her belly. Though his cock throbbed, bouncing gently against her, and his breathing was rapid, he smiled.
Every nerve coiled in anticipation, but his command of his passion angered her. She wanted him as frantic for satisfaction as she. Desperate to take back control, to get what she needed from him, she lifted her hips over him and plunged downward.
She gasped at the small spear of pain from his intrusion into her body. Years of going without had left her tight. Still, unwilling to wait for her body to adjust to his size, she rode him fast and hard.
Clasping her thighs with his hands, he met her stroke for stroke, pushing her ever upward. The bubbles in her blood turned to sparks of fire. Inside her an inferno raged, burning away the last of her reason, her doubts and her fears. Nothing mattered but reaching this summit and plunging into the abyss beyond.
With a burst of inner light, she climaxed. She cried out and fell forward over him. He thrust upward one last time and she felt his liquid heat flow into her. She pressed her face against his sweat-slick body and murmured, "This doesn't change anything. I may still space you."
"I'll worry about that tomorrow."

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Elysa Hendricks is 5'6" tall. She has curly hair and brown eyes. She's an author, a wife, a mother and a daughter. Everything else is subject to change without notice.

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