Friday, October 19, 2012

Review: Entice Me

Title: Entice Me

Author: Nicole Morgan

Publisher:  Siren-Bookstrand

Genre: Contemporary Erotic romance

Heat Level: Erotic

Length: 46,782 words

Reviewer: Tabitha

Review Rating: 4.5 LIGHTNING BOLTS

Blurb: Jace Walker served his country for ten years in the Army. Years of combat and war left him with invisible wounds which bring him to the lowest point in his life. In a moment of crisis, he meets his angel.

After years of being an attentive and loyal wife, Alexis Foster catches her husband’s infidelity. Her life changes as she gets divorced and becomes a single parent.

Years pass and Jace finds his angel once again. Only this time she’s no longer married. He vows to do anything in his power to sweep her off her feet and make the angel he remembered from all those years before become his. Despite her insecurities, the two find an attraction stronger than either of them anticipated.

Will he entice her into letting down her walls? Or will she entice him into finding a true and unrelenting love?

Review: Nicole Morgan weaves another enchanting tale. She has the ability to write modern day fairy tales that sweep you away in the hope that one day your prince charming will come along. Move over Cinderella, Nicole is taking the art of fairy tale writing to new heights.

Alexis is a divorced mother of teenaged twins and her life centers around their wants and needs. Trying her best to stay on an even path and not totally fall apart after her devastating divorce. After he ex-husband leaves her for a younger woman she is rattled and feels no one is going to want her now. She is older and things just aren't as perky as they once were. The one thing that brings her joy is the work she does at the VA hospital. She feels like someone else needs her besides her kids.

I really felt for Alexis in this story. She is older and thinks she is way too old to date. Her daughter pushes her to get out and she finally take the plunge.

Jace returned from war in a bad state. His fiance left him and his mother died while he was deployed. It was just all too much and drove him to the state of mind that it would just be easier to check out completely from his tragic life. Then a gorgeous woman stopped by to talk to him at the VA hospital and finally he found a reason the live. But his hopes were dashed when he found out she was married. So he decided to try to move on the best he could but she was never far from his thoughts.

I loved Jace right from the start. He sweeps Alexis off her feet and leaves her breathless. He definitely earned the title prince charming.

One day fate stepped in and he came across his saving angel. He was shocked to find out she was now divorced. This was the chance he had been waiting for. Can two scarred people find a way to heal each other?

This was a whorl wind romance that I found enchanting. Nicole worked her magic once again in the telling of this story. She is nothing short of amazing in the romance genre. Kudos Nicole for allowing your readers to lose themselves in your extremely romantic tales.

I would recommend this book to anyone that loves a happily ever after tale.

Happy Reading,

Tabitha Blake


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