Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Blues Promotion October 29

It's nearing the end of October. Halloween is approaching, then it's Thanksgiving, and....Okay. I won't mention the other holiday. But you KNOW which one I'm talking about :)

Halloween is known for dressing up, candy, and little ones. Sometimes the costumes are scary, but  everyone gets a chance to "be someone else" if you will.

So, today's theme is being someone else. Not yourself. Show me a scene where your character is, well, out of character. They're not them selves. Not their normal attitude, switching roles, I mean the possibilities are endless. Get creative and let's see! I'm looking forward to this one.

Leave your book title, author name, and if you have a buy link, add it. Or a website! Just find a way for readers to get to you. Oh, and share! Let others know what's going on.

Excerpts should be no longer than 750 words.

I'm ready. Are you?


  1. I whined softly before nodding and then stretching slowly, a yawn splitting my jaws as I curled up where I stood, feeling the warmth of my brother and sister as they wandered up against me and coiled with me. They were only affectionate when it was time for sleep, but I wasn’t too bothered. I preferred to be alone, to have time where I was able to just wander along without a care in the world.

    As I yawned, I heard the two echoes from either side of me before dropping my head onto my paws and falling back into the sleep that I needed. My dreams were filled with images of the hunt; my paws pummelled the ground and my ears were perked. Blood was redder than red in the dream, the taste so hot and spicy that I woke myself up when a soft, mournful cry sounded, shocking me into wakefulness. I growled quietly, launching myself onto my paws and then looking about.

    There was nothing to be seen, no wolf with their head lifted in song. I was confused, my siblings scurrying forwards to stand at my side and looking around to try and work out why I was so alert. I turned to look at them, my head tilted as I watched the pair of them. They were always together; more of a pack than I was by myself and probably less skilled in the ‘hunt’.

    I still remembered the time when I hunted my first mouse alone, catching only the fourth one that I attempted. I shivered at the memory of hot blood and flesh in my muzzle, splattering the white of my neck and throat with rusty spots while I devoured my first ever kill. Mom and dad still didn’t know, still had no idea that while I wandered alone I was practising the skills I needed to succeed with my first ever hunt. I growled in excitement before looking earnestly at my brother and sister.

    “Have either of you hunted yet? I mean practised the way hunting is meant to happen?” I had to help them out; though we had a lot of rivalry, they were still my brother and sister and we still needed to stick together. Mom had to show that we were strong pups, and I had it in my mind to make this hunt the best one of any pups the elders had seen. I quivered slightly, my ears perked as I wagged my tail, my sister the one who spoke first.

    “Why would we hunt? We get fed ourselves; we only have to hunt once we’re six moons old.” I growled, frustrated and annoyed enough to snap at her nose, making her step back and whine in confusion.
    “You do need to learn to hunt! The elders will laugh at you otherwise and then you’ll end up as the bottom of the pack, the Omegas. I don’t want that for you, you’re my family, as much as I hate you both at times. We may fight but you are still the only brother and sister I have.”

    They seemed shocked by the words which I uttered, for the first time in memory. I didn’t normally like the pair, but I wanted them to understand that I didn’t really hate them. I flicked an ear before uttering a soft howl and stalking forwards, moving through them as water flowed between Mom’s legs when she was stood in the stream. A shiver ran through my body, my eyes burned with heat and I fixated on the rustling leaves where the wind was blowing them about.

    I slowed as I walked, my paws touching lightly on the ground as my chest lowered and my rump remained in the air. I wiggled, adjusting my paws and tensing the slightly muscled hind-legs which helped me in my pounce. I landed on the leaf without a single moment of hesitation or pause. Stone-growl wasn’t too bothered, but Frost-song was engrossed, her own body swaying in the position I’d taken up. I watched her, nodding encouragingly before springing forwards in a clumsy pounce that drew Stone-growl’s attention. I watched as they began to pounce each other, my head tilted slightly.

    Wolfsong. Dominique Goodall.

  2. This little excerpt is from my new release 7 Days of Seduction. Ashley has awakened after a party to find a video of herself and her ex-boyfriend in a menage with a gorgeous stranger. She's watching herself in the video doing very un-Ashley-like things to the hunk.

    Ashley propped herself up on her elbows, inches from the screen, clutched her hair, eyes riveted as the door opened and Mr. Hunk walked in. Yeah, a hunk, no question about it. A smile curled up on one side of his lips, in fact, and the sudden gleam in his eye made her swallow hard.

    He strode over to stand behind her for a moment, then grabbed her arm and pulled her to stand in front of him. Ashley looked into his face, cocked her head, and smiled at him.


    "Hi, Ash. Mind if I join you?"

    He knows me? How does he know me?

    On-screen, Ashley grabbed his face, pulled him to her and fastened her lips to his.

    WTF? Ash gawked at the couple as her alter-ego ran her hands down the guy's back and squeezed his ass.

    Oh, hell. I did not just do that. Why can't I remember any of this? And oh, oh…

    She deepened the kiss, her jaw widening, then his. She pressed her naked breasts against his chest.

    I so wish I could remember this. Her body did and started humming. So agonizing to watch but not be able to feel.

    7 Days of Seduction. Jenna Jaxon.