Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Review: Vance's Rules

Title: Vance's Rules  

Author: Anne Rainey

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Genre: Erotic Contemporary romance

Reviewer: Tabitha

Review Rating: 4.5 LIGHTNING BOLTS

Blurb: His tools, his rules…

Blackwater, Book 2

Looking at Vance Jennings now, no one would guess that the tough-as-nails building contractor once suffered a broken heart. Twelve years has blunted the pain of the breakup with his high school sweetheart, but not the memory. Until she shows up on his doorstep asking for a second chance.

One look at the sexy redhead, and Vance adds a foot or two to his rock-solid emotional barriers. No way is he letting her back into his life. But he’ll be happy to let her close enough to sample her delectable body.

Shayla Riggs is no longer the vulnerable teenager who was forced to give up her first and only love. She’s older, wiser, and determined to make things right. Except the changes in Vance throw her for a loop. He’s definitely not the sweet boy she remembers. In fact, the grown-up version lights her up hotter than a firecracker.

It takes only a kiss, a caress, to bring back the explosive passion they once shared. But if Shayla can’t find a way to break through the bitter walls around his heart, it just might destroy them both. Again.

Review: Vance Jennings is cynical when it comes to women. After being burned by the only woman he has truly ever loved. She just up and left one day. No explanation just a note saying it was over. Now he keeps women at a distance and has hardened his heart when it comes to love.

Shayla Riggs regrets the fact that she allowed one man to rule over her life with an iron fist for years. But now that he isn't in her life anymore it is time to clear up some past regrets. Starting with Vance Jennings. Twelve years ago she lost the only man she has ever loved and she aims to rectify that situation.

I loved that Shayla would stop at nothing to get back the man she's carried a torch for the last twelve years. But Vance is bitter and broken over the breakup. He refuses to give in and chance the unthinkable. Not wanting to open himself up for another crushing blow if she up and leaves again.

I was swept away by the emotion in this story. You feel every moment of anguish and hurt. But you also feel the love they still have for each other. I just loved every page.

This story was very heartfelt and is something that most can relate too. Everyone has felt heartbreak at one time or another. This was a second chance for two people that never stopped loving each other. The basis for this story is true love never dies. I would recommend this story to anyone that wants to feel a real connection to the characters.

Happy Reading,

Tabitha Blake


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  1. Good review! I've enjoyed all of the Anne Rainey books I've read and I have this series on my list to read next:)