Thursday, September 6, 2012

Review: A Love of His Own

TITLE: A  Love of His Own

AUTHOR:  Linda LaRoque

PUBLISHER: The Wild Rose Press    

GENRE: Historical western

LENGTH: 93 pages



BLURB: Bull Dawson, New York lawyer, mourns the loss of his daughter, who disappeared from a cabin in Fredericksburg, Texas four years ago. A history book found in his office safe leads him to believe she traveled back in time to 1888 Prairie, Texas. He's determined that if she can time travel, he can too. Life will be different, probably hard, but practicing law can't be so difficult back in the Old West.
Widow Dipsey Thackson scratches out a living for herself and her young son on their farm. Shunned by the locals, she keeps to herself. When a man appears in her wheat field one day, life changes for the better. Then her brother-in-law arrives, claiming the farm is his and threatening Dipsey and her son. She fears for both their means of survival and their safety.
Her dilemma will take more than a knowledge of the law, but Bull vows to do his best to protect her and her boy.

REVIEW: Bull Dawson has missed his daughter for a while yet knows she is safe. He knows in his heart that she is alive for the history book he founds shows proof of it. Yet knowing she is back in the 1800’s has him intrigued and ready to be with her again. Everybody thinks he’s crazy to even think it’s a possibility that he could go back. Meeting Dipsey Thackson though is one thing that he see’s grateful when going back. He knows that life in the 21st century wasn’t all that great but something about Dipsey shows him that life can start all over again for him in the 1800’s. His whole life has been in trying to have a better relationship with his daughter but Dipsey shows him that family and love is more important than making a career. Can he just forget about his time travel and be known as a crazy person? Or will he finally see what his life is meant to be like in the arms of Dipsey?
Widow Dipsey Thackson’s main reason for living is her little boy. Everybody in Prairie, Texas don’t like her and make her life hard except for her neighbors who don’t believe in rumors in the town. Everybody says she is crazy but nothing compared to the stranger that just appears out of nowhere. Something about Bull Dawkson has her dreaming of a good man like him. Dipsey knows that no one will look at her now especially since she has a child. She is suspicious of Bull’s sudden appearance and now someone wants to take her land away from her child. Yet knowing her child has never known the love of a father Bull takes him under his wing making her wonder if maybe she should learn to love him as well. Can she find out what Bull’s real reason for showing up is before it’s too late?
A Love of His Own by Linda LaRoque a tale of one person’s redemption and another looking for the elusive love that has been missing from their live. Bull’s main regret is that he never got to have a real father daughter relationship before she disappeared and determined now to get that relationship. Now Dipsey is hard-working widow whose only mistake was loving the wrong person. Linda LaRoque did a great job in showing us that even in time travel love will find a way to catch you. My only thing was that this is actually Book 3 of a series and have to say would have been great reading all of them instead of starting in the end. Definitely a theme going on and worth getting the other two books from this talented author.

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  1. Thanks for the review - this sounds like an interesting series

  2. Just saw this review, Melinda. Many thanks for The Lightening Bolts!