Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Blues Promotion: September 10th

It's been sporadic lately, I know. I apologize.

But, it is that time again! Monday, Monday, Monday. So what do you want to do?  You could share an excerpt with us today!

Monday Blues Promotion is your chance to share a snippet of your book, story, novella, get the idea. But it's based upon a theme. Mixes it up a bit.

So, you ready for this Monday's theme?

Stormy skies ahead.

Could be weather related, could be trouble in paradise, could be....well, you get the idea. Be creative. Shoe the Storm Goddess those stormy skies!

Excerpts should be no longer than 750 words. Be sure to leave author name, book title, a buy link if you have one, or if not, your website, so that readers can find you.

Ready, set, let it storm!


  1. Here's an excerpt from my book Real Temptation. Available on Amazon! Oh, yes big Storm brewing.

    Excerpt Real Temptation - Marcia King-Gamble

    “Chill, sweetie,” he said, a smug grin creasing his picture-perfect features. “I’m not exactly hard up for bed partners, and I never force myself on women.”
    It was the “sweetie” that pushed Rae over the edge. Kael Whittingham was treating her as if she were some black Barbie doll without two brain cells to rub together.
    “We’re done,” she said, picking up her purse and fumbling through it to find cash she couldn’t spare.
    “We still have a couple of things to go over,” Kael reminded her.
    “Like what?”
    Her immediate desire was to get as far away from the man as she could, but since she was going to be stuck with him for three weeks she flopped back onto the bench and clutched her purse protectively against her chest. Three months spent in this man’s company was going to be hell.
    Focus on the one hundred thousand grand, Rae.
    “Okay, just say what you have to say and get it over with,” she said biting down on her lower lip to hold back her angry rant.
    “We should discuss how we’ll handle our respective jobs.”
    “What do you mean by that?” He was making no sense at all.
    “I’m supposed to keep an eye on you 24/7. I can’t do that when you’re at work. You do work, don’t you?” Kael asked.
    “No, I’m a bum. I’m depending on the state to support me.”
    The tick in Kael’s left eye said it all.
    “The business card you gave me says you’re a personal assistant. I’m guessing you don’t go into an office or work nine to five. Having a laptop and Internet connection is all I need. It means I can follow you anywhere.”
    “You will not be following me to work.”
    Rae’s heart pounded as she thought about Kael being attached to her hip. He couldn’t possibly be serious about shadowing her. Archie would have a fit.
    “What does having a laptop have to do with me?” Rae flipped back
    “Means I can go to work with you and help you run errands. I can do laundry. I even lick stamps.”
    He was out of his ever-loving mind. Sick!

    1. Here is an excerpt from my newest book just out on Thursday: The Billionaire Playboy

      You haven't exactly lived in a bubble. Charlie poured cream into her coffee and then mixed in sugar. Thanks to the Navy she'd been to parts of the world she never would've seen otherwise. While many of the places weren't vacation hot spots, she'd still gotten away from Massachusetts, unlike her mother and brother. Both of them had spent their whole lives on the East Coast. Had her mom been any further south than Virginia? She'd never stopped to think about it before now, but she didn't think so.
      What places had Jake been to? She'd just started to make a mental list of all the places their billionaire guest had probably been when he walked into the dining room.
      “Good morning. Please tell me there is more coffee.”
      Charlie didn't bother to stifle her laugh. It seemed as if she and Jake had a least one thing in common. They were both addicted to coffee. “You're as bad as me. Ma just made some more.” She pointed to the coffee urn on the sideboard. “She made some muffins too.”
      She knew it was rude to stare, but that didn't stop her from following Jake with her eyes as he walked across the room. His dark blond hair was still damp from his shower and tiny droplets of water trickled down his neck. Her fingers itched to walk up behind him and wipe the water away. Balling her hands into tight fists, Charlie waited for the irrational thought to disappear.
      After he poured himself some coffee and picked out a muffin Jake took the seat across from her. “I'm glad you're here. After I meet with the engineers working on the dam problem, I'm heading over to visit Mr. Quinn. I thought you might like to join me”

  2. The Playboy's Baby, by JM Stewart. Available at amazon:

    Also available for at B&N, All Romance ebooks, Sony, and Kobo. Links for those can be found at my website:

    The excerpt:

    Finally, she turned to face him, a quiet determination in her gaze that knotted his gut. “Do you still have the letter?”

    A stone of dread dropped in his stomach. Dillon knew what she was going to say even before the words left her mouth but nodded anyway. “Yes.”

    “Read it.” Shifting Annie to one arm, she reached out, laid a hand on his bicep, her eyes pleading with him. “Please.”

    Dillon heaved a sigh and nodded, reached behind him and pulled the letter from his back pocket. He moved to the sofa and sank onto the soft leather seat before unfolding the paper. He drew in a deep fortifying breath and dove in.


    By now you’re likely wondering why I’ve been avoiding you. Truth is, I have something I’ve kept from you. I have a daughter. She’s yours. The result of the one and only night we shared—Vegas. When I found out I was pregnant, I knew immediately I wanted to keep her. I also know you. I’ve been your best friend for twenty years.

    I’ve watched them over the years. The women come and go, trying to use you. I’ve had to watch them break your heart and steal that light from your eyes. I hated seeing what Leila did to you. You don’t admit it, but you’re not the same. You used to be so vibrant. You hold back now.

    When I decided to keep the baby, I also decided to keep her father’s identity a secret. Not even Emma knows. I knew if I told her, she’d tell you, and I refused to be one of those women who used you. I couldn’t bear to do to you what they did. I knew I could take care of her on my own.

    I miss you, Dillon. You’ve been my best friend since kindergarten. I’ve shared my entire life with you from the day we first met. I’ve never kept anything from you, so to keep this from you feels…wrong. She’s five months old now and she is…amazing, which made me realize keeping her to myself is selfish. Emma is right—she deserves to know her father. And you deserve to know her.

    I know this letter is taking the coward’s way out. I should have called, but I’m afraid. I’m terrified of what you must think of me right now. I’ve lied to you, shut you out, no doubt made you feel like you did something wrong. I only hope you can forgive me.


  3. Hi Nikki!! I have a storm-related excerpt from my new paranormal romance The Selkie. Thanks for having me!

    Excerpt from The Selkie:

    A streak of lightning illuminated the gray sky, making Maggie’s eyes hurt even more. She was all of a sudden conscious of another presence, and turned to look behind them.
    Standing near the edge of the precipice was Calan. His face red. His jaw tight. His hair blowing in the breeze. He looked like a tempest. He slowly blinked his eyes, and each time he did, lightning flashed.
    “Get your hands off her.”
    Maggie swallowed. His voice was dripping murder. Okay, clearly selkie folk could be truly badass when they wanted to be.
    Matthew released her, but only apparently so he could finally have it out with the man he considered to be the “backward Scottish biker.” Maggie could only watch as he launched himself at Calan with a battle cry, could only stare as she saw the grim smile on Calan’s face.
    “Oh, come on, guys,” she called. “Don’t do this.”
    It was too late. As the thunder rang out above them, Matthew hurled his fist toward Calan, but Calan caught it easily in his hand. Enraged, Matthew tried again with his other hand, but Calan caught it as well. After a tense moment, the selkie released him.
    “You need to go home, my friend,” Calan warned, “before I lose my temper.”
    Grunting, moving in a black, irrational fury, Matthew attempted to batter Calan once more. Each assault was to no avail. It was clear from the start that Calan had the more practiced technique. Matthew might have liked talking sports with his buddies at the gym, but he never exactly spent all his time bench-pressing. Calan’s body was muscular, and he moved with the easy grace of an animal.
    Of course, he was one.

    Available at:

    Rosanna Leo

  4. All excited - I have a snippet that relates to your theme.
    From my work in progress - Capri's Fate.

    Curiosity aroused about the mechanics of the machine and not paying attention to the physics of a ladder, Thal lost his balance, dropped the screwdriver and grabbed the side of the engine. After steadying himself, he climbed down and bent over to pick up the tool.
    "Excuse me?"
    "What?" He lifted his head and smacked it on the tip of the propeller. "Ow. Shit." Walking toward the voice, he rubbed the sore spot. "I don't think I like pain."
    "Not many of us do."
    Thal stopped in front of a tall woman who was busy shaking the rain off her coat and umbrella. "Do what?" He checked his hand for blood.
    "Like pain. Not many people like pain. Although I understand some love it and in some instances it can be very erotic, but that's not why I'm here." The woman stood upright and stuck out her hand. "Capricious Gray."
    "That's nice." He held up his greasy hands. Capri dropped hers and smiled. With the loose ends of her hair blowing about in the breeze from the doorway and the wrinkles in her clothing, Thal noted Capri was the most beautiful jet-lagged woman he'd ever seen.
    Capri glanced about the large hangar. A gleaming white jet was parked off to the left, and where the mechanic had been working was a plane with propellers on both wings and a blue and red swirl along the length of it. "This is T. Hal Charterways?"
    Thal nodded and wiped his hands on his overalls. He reached for Capri's luggage, but she stopped him with a smile. With a click, she extended the handles and led the luggage deeper into the hangar as if she were leading her champion Pekinese.
    Stopping near the jet, she released the luggage and dug her tablet out of her flight bag. "I have a flight reservation for—"
    "Flight? Lady, you looked outside? It's a freakin' cyclone." He scratched the back of his neck. "You know what a cyclone is?"
    Still holding the tablet, Capri crossed her arms and glared. "Me. When I'm angry."
    A grin slid across his face. "Ooh, lady got attitude when she's pissed."

  5. From my WIP, Prophecy's Child.
    I think this fits your theme well because a storm is sure brewing, lol.

    Katherine's hands curled into fists. "My son is none of your concern. Are you going to leave or will I have to call the cops?"

    Two large strides and Kal loomed over her. He clasped her arms. "I get that you're pissed at me—and you have every right, but if I'm his father I need to know."

    "You get that I'm angry?" she asked in a deceptively calm voice. "You feel I have every right?" Her voice turned hard, cold. "You don't need to know anything. Now get your goddamn hands off me."

    Hurt flashed across his face, but he didn't let go. Instead, his grip tightened as he pulled her closer. "You don't get it. If Ike is my son, it's crucial that I know—there’re things you don't understand."

    Kal's touched burned through her long-sleeved hoodie. His scent and size overwhelmed her and fuddled up her mind until she couldn't think straight.

    His intense stared mesmerized, making her more confused. Suddenly, a dull headache throbbed behind her eyes and her thoughts dispersed like smoke.

    Instinct warned she look away. With great effort, she wrenched her gaze from his. The moment she did, her mind cleared and anger once more took hold. "Oh, I understand perfectly. You think you have some sort of rights where Ike is concerned. Well let me tell you this, you don't!"

    "Is he my son?"

    Katherine tore from his grasp and marched to the door. She pointed outside and said through gritted teeth, "Get. Out. Of. My. House. Now!"

  6. Hi Nikki,
    Great idea. Here's an excerpt from my newest YA novel, Wish I Could Have Said Goodbye. Thanks for letting me drop by with the beginnings of a huge storm ahead.

    I call Mrs. Sparacini from the car while I’m driving. I tell her my friend Anna hurt her finger playing basketball and I’m going with her to the emergency room. Mrs. Sparacini totally understands, wishes me a happy birthday and hopes my weekend is full of big surprises.
    Now I’ll call Howie. He’s at the ice rink for the next few hours. I hope he’s on the ice so I can leave a message.

    “Please God, don’t pick up. Don’t pick up. I promised I wouldn’t lie to you and maybe this won’t count as lying if I talk to your voice mail.”
    The sound of Howie’s voice on his message makes me want to jump into the phone and tell him that I miss him, I can’t wait to be with him, and I’m in total like with him. I’m dying to tell him the truth. I wish I had the guts to tell him about Donny, about how Francesca died, but he’d never understand.

    After the beep I tell Howie to pick me up at the coffee shop instead of the bakery. I make up some story about having to deliver some pastries there for Mrs. Sparacini. I’m impressed at how fast I’m making shit up. After I set the phone back in my purse, I rehearse what I’m going to say to Donny. I’ve already said these words in my head a million times. They’re the words I should have said to Francesca. I know I’ve been telling lies all over the place this morning, but I’m doing it for a good reason. I need to get Donny to a meeting and then I promise no more lying. When I bring back the keys to Mom, I’m gonna tell her about Howie and never lie again.

    Links to purchase Wish I Could Have Said Goodbye in print and e-book are on my website, or at

    Shari A. Brady