Friday, August 3, 2012

Review: Where The Heart Lies

Book Title:   Where The Heart Lies  

Author:  Michelle Garren Flye

Publisher:  Carina Press

Genre: contemporary  romance

Heat Level-  spicy

Length-  215 pages

Reviewer name:  Nikki

Rating-  4 Lightning Bolts 


All widowed Alicia Galloway has left of her war-hero husband are the flag that draped his coffin and his final wishes: to move to his hometown, take over the family bookstore and enjoy a simple, quiet life with their two small children. When she arrives, her husband's best friend makes that new life anything but simple. How can she be so drawn to Liam Addison?

Liam only intended to help Alicia get settled. But one unexpected kiss awakens his long-held forbidden feelings. Soon, the town busybodies swoop in to warn Alicia away from him. Because no matter the man he's become, he'll never live down his reputation as town troublemaker and wolfish womanizer.

No one wants the war hero's sweet widow and the supposedly former bad boy together. But the more everyone tries to keep them apart, the closer he and Alicia get. And the more determined Liam is to prove he's a changed man. Will it be enough to convince Alicia to let a new love in her life?

Review: Starting over is never easy. Starting over in her late husband's hometown makes it even more difficult. But for Alicia, maybe it's better to be close to her in laws. Better for her children, and maybe even for herself.

The town is one full of gossip, and people not minding their own. That's what you'd expect from a little town though, right? But from the start, everyone is welcoming Alicia here. But everyone seems to warn her away from Liam.  This I never understood. Liam always seems like a nice guy. He was friends with Alicia's husband Ty.

One of the things that kept repeating itself in the book was the fact that everyone always said “But she's Ty's wife, Ty's wife” The message to everyone was beat to death.  I understand the conflict is Alicia learning to move on, even though it's not easy. Everyone knew Ty and loved him, so it's not the best for them to see his wife move on, but the constant “Ty's wife” was overdone.

I give a lot of credit to Alicia to move and do what she's doing. She struggles with her own issues, she has guilt for some things that she needs to cope with. Liam is always there for her, and he's not even pushing her for anything. He's just there as a friend. It escalates into more, like forbidden feelings.

The pace of the story is a little slow, but not too much so that it pulled me out. It didn't at all. It was all about the characters for me. And there are quite a few bombshells at the climax of the story that I NEVER saw coming, which spiced up the interest level.

Where The Heart Lies is a contemporary story with compelling characters about what happens next? It's a book about life after death. The death of a loved one is a hard battle.   This is a story that pulls at the heartstrings of readers. It'll make you laugh and cry. You won't know what hit you.  Very engaging story.

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  1. Thanks for the review - I have this one on my kindle now:)

  2. Thanks for an honest review..sounds like an interesting read. And I love the cover!

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