Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Review: A Matter Of Lust

Title: A Matter Of Lust

Author: Lisa Fox

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Genre: Paranormal

Heat Level: Hot

Length: 56 Pages

Reviewer: Crystal

Rating: 4 Lightning Bolts


Trask is a lust demon on the hunt for a playmate, a human exceptional enough to sate some of his ravenous hunger. When he finds Rena, he knows she’s the one. He makes it his business to seduce her.

Rena could easily fall for the dangerously sexy bad boy who makes her scream through every orgasm, but the problem with bad boys is that they really are bad. They break hearts, and Rena’s has been broken too many times already.

What’s a demon to do when lust isn’t enough? To claim Rena for his own, Trask will have to earn her trust.

A Matter Of Lust is a pretty good little read.

Trask is the Demon of Lust and that’s what he feeds off of. He’s dark and sensual. He’s the bad boy that your momma always warned you about. But that only makes you want him even more. He might be a demon but that doesn’t mean that he’s out to start trouble. Well only the sexual kind.

Rena is feeling a little depressed. She caught her boyfriend with another woman at her bar. I completely understand where she’s coming from. When that happens your mad at about every male that you come into contact with. You need something to boost your self esteem. When she meets Trask in her bar she kinda acts a little snotty to him. He soon has her where he wants her.

I wasn’t really sure what I would get out of the book since it was a short read. It had a good plot but I had some questions that didn’t get answered. I wanted to know since he was a demon did he stay with her until she got old or did some of his powers go into her and she lived longer? That is if they can make it work. I would hate to know that I wouldn’t die and I found someone that I wanted a relationship with and they would grow old and die.

I could feel the lust they had for each other. It was rolling off them in waves. The sex was pretty hot. I can honestly say that I loved my first book from Lisa Fox. I would recommend this book to anyone that just enjoys a hot short story. Have fun reading.

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