Thursday, August 9, 2012

Review: Haunted Vows

Title: Haunted Vows

Author: Lynn Hones

Publisher: eXtasy Books

Genre: Paranormal romance

Length: 130 pages

Rating: 4 Lightning Bolts

Reviewer: Nikki

Blurb: Jaylyn reluctantly relocates with her fiancĂ© to a falling down antebellum mansion on the outskirts of a small Virginia town. Unfortunately he leaves her for his new boss’s daughter and informs her to do whatever she wants with the house and land. She meets Eli Jacobs, a down on his luck farmer, who grew up in the area and loves the old home and surrounding farm. Instead of selling the property, she agrees to hire Eli and together they work to get the place back to its former glory. When Hubert finds out a corporation is willing to pay whatever it takes to secure the land the house is on, he reneges and does everything in his power to thwart their efforts and make their lives miserable. Unfortunately, the house has other inhabitants who at first seem to dislike Jaylyn and Eli, but in the end, prove to be the answer to all their prayers.

Review:  Haunted Vows is a book with mystery, intrigue, ghosts, and a love story between opposites that you'd just have to read to believe.

Jaylyn made a big move with someone she thought she'd be spending forever with. The tables turn, and she's left with things she doesn't even know what to do with. Jaylyn has quite a bit of issues, and sometimes isn't very likable, but the story fascinated me so much that I ignored Jaylyn's irritable moments.  Things change in the duration of the story that had me liking her more, so it wasn't all bad with Jaylyn's character.

There is just so much to this book. The writing is wonderful, the pacing kept me engaged, and the plot had so many fun and mysterious elements to it. I was up reading late with Haunted Vows, but when the story ended, I had a rush of satisfaction.  Very good story, I would recommend this to anyone that loves a good romance, mixed with a bit of a paranormal touch.

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  1. Thanks for the review - this does sound good:)

  2. Nikki, thank you so much for the wonderful review. It's been one of those days, so when I grabbed my computer, got into bed and read the review, my heart soared. Thanks for making this ol' ma feel so good and for bringing a smile to my otherwise tired face. Lynn