Friday, August 17, 2012

Review: The Guys A Loser Detective Agency

Title: The Guys a Loser Detective Agency

Author: M. T. Albright

Publisher: Musa Publishing

Genre: Contemporary, mystery, romance

Length: 263 pages

Reviewer: Nikki

Review Rating: 3.5 LIGHTNING BOLTS


Jules De la Cruz loves her job chasing dead beat dads and photographing philandering husbands for her one-woman firm, The Guy’s a Loser Detective Agency. She gets to dress up, play spy, and bask in the sunsets of Santa Fe, New Mexico. This enjoyable lifestyle is shattered when the FBI volunteer her to catch the biggest loser of all: her ex-husband. 

Soon, Jules is on a roller coaster ride through London, Paris and Rome chasing – and being chased by – a greedy art dealer, the CIA, and a radical group of aging monks. Along the way, Jules meets Thomas Palomar, a magazine writer who is interested in a set of mysterious “icons” that were stolen along with some weapons. Jules and Thomas uncover the horrible secret contained in the icons - but no one who knows the secret has lived to tell about it


Jules is in the business of catching deadbeats in the act. But soon, Jules is in for a whirlwind ride that she never did expect.

Jules loves her lifestyle. There's nothing better than feeling the victory of handling another deadbeat. Come on, she gets to travel, disguise herself, use her big bad skills. What could be better? She's a bit tough to crack, but overall I like Jules. 

The book starts out a little on the slow side, and when it picks up, it goes fast. Though i felt the story jumped around quite often, and the characters felt only two dimensional to me. I couldn't really relate or have a reaction other than a bit of annoyance. Yes, I like Jules, but even she had me scraching my head a few times, wondering...

The suspense was a good element. There were a few things I never caught on to that surprised me. The story was fairly enjoyable, it's the characters that brought it down some.

If you romantic mysteries, then check out The Guy's A Loser Detective Agency. 

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  1. Thanks for the review this sounds like a fun book