Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Review: Alaska Heat

Title: Alaska Heat                                                

Author: Vella Munn

Publisher: Musa Publishing

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 191 pages


BLURB: Whatever it takes, Kara Richardson will hold onto her desperately-needed job working for Brand Lockwood's construction company, even if it means keeping a shattering secret from him.

Reviewer: Melinda

Kara Richardson never thought her father was a failure or a coward. Yet just being near Brand Lockwood is making her see that maybe she doesn’t really know her father really well. Construction has always been in her blood and it is up to her to prove to Brand that her father never makes mistakes. The problem is that she must be in secret or she will never find out the truth that almost killed her brother. Each day working with Brand is making it harder for her to hide her feelings. Can she keep up the charade before he turns to hate her?
Brand Lockwood hates incompetence in a man. He is still haunted by what happened a couple months ago in his construction job. Brand is a man who takes his job responsibly and does not welcome any stranger that wants to just play around. Yet something about Kara working in his job is not only bringing the boss out of him but also his possessiveness. Work is his life and he knows a woman like Kara will never understand his love for construction. Or will she?
Alaska Heat full of suspense and romance between a guy who takes his job seriously. Kara is a workaholic just like Brand but doesn’t have the determination and patience like he does. Vella Munn did a great job in showing us Alaska for in this book the scenery comes alive with her words. The problem though is that Brand seemed a little slow in showing his true affections towards Kara. I mean right from the beginning you can tell these two belong together. Kara seemed more into finding out the truth about her father’s mistake and Brand seemed stuck in the past. Besides that though Vella Munn created a story that speaks of forgiveness and second chances that takes these two to figure out between them.


  1. Sounds like a good book. Thanks for the review. I hadn't heard of this author until now.

  2. Good review! This sounds like a really good book