Thursday, July 26, 2012

Review: The Wanting Heart

Book Title:  The Wanting Heart              

Author:  Rionna Morgan

Publisher: Crimson Romance

Genre: Romantic suspense

Heat Level- Sensual

Length-   120 pages

Reviewer name:  Nikki

Rating-  4.5 Lightning Bolts 


Katherine White, a barrel racer from Colorado, lives in a fast-paced world where rhinestones shine, hooves pound, and dreams come true. She plans on winning World Champion Barrel Racer and being with her friends until she graduates from college.

She doesn’t plan on the man who broke her heart strolling back into her life. She doesn’t plan on finding solace in a charming stranger’s smile or falling victim to his knife.

Blake Spencer, the man who broke her heart, is all cowboy—from the hat on his head to the dust on his boots. He thought it’d be easy, coming back to town, bowing his head a little, saying he was sorry, and all would be forgiven. But what he didn’t know, what he didn’t plan on, was that the girl he thought he loved had become the woman he couldn’t have. If he doesn’t succeed in changing her mind, it won’t only cost him Kate’s love—it will cost Kate her life.

Will Kate survive the stalking of a serial killer and find what her heart truly wants?

Review:  She has the affection of two has a history with her, the other sweeps her off her feet. Kate's life didn't have so many complications, up until now....

The Wanting Heart had a bit of a slow start, but once the steam picked up, wow, the ride got more intense. Kate is a woman that knows what she wants.  Love has never been on her side, but now she's begun to date again, and what do you know, a man she can't seem to shake has waltzed back into her life and shakes things up.

 Blake knows what he wants, and that's Kate. He's got a lot of road head to fight for her.  He's sure as heck not going to go down without giving it his best though. Despite their rocky past, I like Blake. His character shows so much potential, and when things turn scary for Kate, he's right by her side, wanting to keep her safe and find a place in her heart again.

This story is full of heart. There are a few scenes that are a little dark and violent, but written very well. Ms. Morgan has created a book that steals the heart of readers. The villain in this story is very creepy, I didn't expect the twist that came in the book with that. I look forward to reading more books by this author to watch.

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  1. Thanks for the review! The Wanting Heart sounds really good - I like the combination of western romance with romantic suspense. Adding this one to my list.

    1. Maria,

      Thank you for stopping in! I am so pleased to share this with you.

      May romance grace your day!

  2. How lovely! I am so pleased to have shared this story with Nikki! Thank you so much for all your diligent work.

    All the Best,

  3. Wow, 4.5 bolts. Impressive. Go Crimson Lady!