Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review: A Town Called Snowflake

Title: A Town Called Snowflake                            

Author: Rusty Fischer

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Musa Publishing


Reviewer: Melinda

BLURB: Molly Swift had a choice to make that fateful Christmas Eve: break her boyfriend’s heart or become a famous country music star. She chose stardom and, for awhile, all was a picture book fairy tale for Molly. She cut her debut album, made the rounds on the concert tour and then… nothing. 

When Molly’s agent dumps her just before Thanksgiving a few years later, Molly has nowhere left to go but her hometown of Snowflake, South Carolina. There she struggles to find work. That is, until she happens in one a little year-round Christmas restaurant called Café Kringle and finds her ex-flame, Nate Night, tickling the ivories behind the piano.

Can Nate forgive Molly for running out on him? What’s more, can Molly forgive herself? And can the two team up to bring customers into the Café Kringle before its owner decides to close the doors before the holidays?

Singing has always been her dream and it is one dream that no one can take away from Molly Swift. Everybody in Snowflake knows Molly will be big. She knows her dreams will hurt people especially her sweetheart, Nate Night. Like Molly, Nate also has dreams and that is to make Molly his woman forever. Yet knowing that singing is her main goal he does honorable thing.  Singing is all Molly has wanted and now that is in her reach she is determined to make it a reality, even if it means losing the only love she will ever have in her life. Can she give it all up for Nashville, Tennessee?
Nate Night has always loved Molly Swift. Everybody in Snowflake always commented on how a beautiful couple they are. Snowflake may be a small town, but everybody knew right away the day Nate’s heart broke. The day Molly decided singing was more worth than Nate’s everlasting love. He knows in his heart the right thing is to have her follow her dreams. Yet seeing her again after all these years he knows that his dream can never be complete without his Molly. Can he just start up with Molly and forget about the heartache she caused?
This is the first I have read from Rusty Fischer and have to say it was beautifully written. I fell in love with Nate and the heartache he suffered. Molly is not selfish, but is a woman who knows what she wants and that is to be a singer. Now these two together are compatible in every way from their own singing to their passion. Rusty Fischer created a town that even I would love to live on for its Christmas every day with its joy, singing, cheeriness and most of all forgiveness. Great job to Rusty.


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  1. Good review! This sounds like a cute holiday romance